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Acorns - Pack of 10

Acorns - Pack of 10

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Fresh Acorns - Package of 10 - Natural Acorns Shipped Not Pre Glittered

Acorns are the fruit or nuts from several species of the oak tree family. Are you crafty or an avid home decorator? Then, you will understand how versatile acorns are in crafting and home decorating. They have a lovely, organic feel that warms up interior decorating projects. While most associate them with autumn, they are appropriate year-round. 

We fresh harvest our acorns we ship to you from underneath acorn trees. 

Why TN Nursery Customers Cannot Get Enough of Our Beautiful Acorns 

Our customers come back and order TN Nursery acorns over and over again. Here's why: 

  1. They enjoy the warm tonal quality of our acorns. We ship acorns in pleasing hues of gold, amber, light brown, or deep brown. Our team will only include the most beautiful colors in your package.
  2. We curate the acorns by hand, inspecting each for quality as we fulfill your order. Our staffers will personally look for acorns of a generous size. However, they reject nuts with cracks, broken caps, or splits. We only send them to our customers if they meet our exacting standards. 

How to Use Acorns in Home Decorating and Crafting 

Here are four gorgeous ways to decorate or make crafts featuring the natural beauty of acorns: 

  • Put a large vase of acorns on display: Fill a tall vase with acorns and make them a central focal point. This display will look charming in front of a mirror or on a shelf on an accent table.
  • Create a year-round wreath: Make a year-round, seasonless wreath by gluing greenery and acorns to a wreath form. You can wire in accents of seasonal flowers for color and change them out during the year.
  • Craft an acorn tabletop piece: Glue acorns around a diameter candle form. You can use any greenery and just a few acorns for accents. Or you can add many, packed tightly, to make them the main focal point of the piece. Tuck a candle in the middle and display it on your dining table.
  • Create acorn ornaments for holiday gift-giving: Thread the caps acorns with an upholstery needle and thin, clear fishing line. Then, dip the acorns into clear craft glue, rolling them in metallic or colorful glitter. After shaking off the excess glitter, drop them into tissue paper and a tiny gift bag for an affordable, adorable gift. 

Order Your Pack of 10 Acorns From TN Nursery Today

Acorns are perfect for crafting or home decorating projects during any season. Order your set of ten from TN Nursery and squeeze those creative juices. 

If you want a specific variety, please put it in the checkout comments. Otherwise, we will ship you the largest and prettiest for all your decor or wildlife needs.

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