How To Store Bare Root Plants Until Planting

How To Store Bare Root Plants Until Planting Time

Bare Root Plants are shipped in a plastic bag with terra sorb silicone gel that seals in moisture to keep plants with ample moisture. Please check that all the roots you ordered are in the bag. Please do not allow them to dry out or freeze.

Trees & Shrubs (Including Fruit Trees, Berry Plants, and Native Plants)

When you receive your trees or shrubs, you will need to open them right away and remove the plastic from the entire plant (except the root area).

It is best to plant Bare Root Trees & Shrubs within 1-2 days after receiving them, but there are other methods in case you do not have time for immediate planting. If you have a cool, moist area such as a basement or garage, leave the plants standing upright and leave plastic around the root system, and water thoroughly a couple of times a day (roots only). A constant temperature of 34° to 38° F is ideal. They will be better cooler than warmer. When they get over 56 degrees, they will start to break dormancy. 

Perennials, Ferns & Ground Covers

When we must store perennials, ferns & groundcovers, we maintain 38-42 degrees. Some nurseries use this year-round; the plants will be delicate for long periods without planting. It keeps them dormant. Also, if your order is a small one and you have a crisper drawer in the bottom section of your refrigerator, place them in their bags in the crisper drawer. It provides an adequate temperature for these types of plants. If you do not have room for cold storage, put it in your basement, garage, or cellar and remove it from the bags. Cover with potting soil and mist lightly with water every couple of days until you can plant them.

Wetland Plants & Live Stakes

If you have a pond, lake, or large trough, place the roots of the plants in water, and they will be fine for several days until planted. Ensure that you keep freshwater using your container, do not allow algae to grow or the water to become stagnant. Change water every few days. When submerged in a pond or lake, nothing is needed to be changed, put roots in, and they will grow while being stored until planted.