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Hornbeam Tree

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    Packaged carefully . Received earlier than expected.

    Posted by Jim Winsley on 28th Mar 2017

    I was surprised to receive it before April but made do. It was in great shape and the shipment was in order. The roots were still moist and now we hope it makes it in the colder last days of March.

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Hornbeam Tree- Carpinus carolini 

Hornbeam Tree is a versatile tree that can be used in many different landscaping opportunities. The hornbeam tree has a very thick covering of flower blooms in the springtime months. The tree blooms with many orange and yellow flowers. These blooms attract many types of wildlife such as bees and butterflies who pollinated them and birds who eat the tasty blossoms.

Hornbeam Tree has a thick and dense cover that creates a substantial shaded area.

This tree grows exceptionally well in an urban environment. The hornbeam can also manage to live through the harsh winter storms and severe winds. The North American Ironwood or Carpinus Carolina, is a hardwood tree found between northern Florida to southern Ontario that prefers fertile, moist soil, grows to 30 to 45 feet tall, with a crown 30 feet in diameter, with a 10 inch trunk and is not considered mature until it's between 25 and 100 years old. It's sometimes called Blue Beech, American Hornbeam or Eastern hop hornbeam and musclewood. Ironwood is a small, elegant tree. In the spring the small leaves are chartreuse in color, but they range from a mild orange to yellow to red in the fall. The body of the tree is fluted and smooth and is greyish-green in color.

A member of the birch family, Hornbeam Tree is deciduous tree grows upright and straight. It does best in moist bottomland forests and can be found in swamps and near streams and rivers. The tree grows well whether in full shade or sun. It has deep roots and can stand up in the face of the strong wind. Hornbeam Tree is relatively small size makes it ideal for most gardens. Many people plant it in courtyards. It's also perfect for creating shade for a garden bench. Its rounded, sculptural trunk adds to its overall beauty. In the spring, both male and female flowers blossom on the same tree. The female flowers are white and are found at the ends of the branches. The male flowers are small and green and bloom along the lower limbs. The female flowers transform into clusters of small nuts that change from green to brown in fall. It is ideal for use as a shade or lawn tree. Many use it as a hedge or screen because of its dense summer foliage.

Hornbeam Trees looks great when planted in groups. 

When it is used in vast landscapes, it looks great when it is planted in groups. Its hardwood was used to make bowls, ox yokes and tool handles by the early Americans. The tree is a magnet for the creatures of nature. Four types of butterfly lay their larvae in these trees. Deer love to nibble on its leaves and twigs. Small animals such as grouse, pheasant, and quail are drawn to its fruit. Birds, butterflies, moths, and squirrels eat from these trees as well. If you are looking for a tree to add beauty and shade to your property consider the Ironwood. You will be glad you did.

Hornbeam Tree