Privet Shrubs Makes Excellent Borders For Privacy

Posted by Tammy Sons on 31st Aug 2017

Today, one of the most popular hedgerow plants holds wide appeal for people in temperate zones around the world. The lovely privet  hedges occurs in both seasonally leaf-losing and permanently evergreen varieties.

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Versatility Around the Yard

The privet shrubs provides a beautiful addition to offset expansive lawns and grassy back yards. Stately, regal border zones created by privet plantings vary in color depending upon the season of the year and the temperature. Ranging in shade from seasonal rich golden tones to dark green hues, privets provide an easily-shaped, fast-growing hedge. People love the elegant foliage accents created by these hardy, bush-like shrubs.

Property owners trim privets at regular intervals to keep them growing uniformly together in a hedge. Maintain your privet border at two or three feet in height to enjoy a pretty edging with excellent visibility, or opt for greater privacy and allow the stems and branches to soar above five feet. Gardeners in the USA from California to Maine appreciate these easily trained, robust plants!

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Add a Lovely Design Element

Instead of erecting a fence as a border, a gardener may prefer to install an attractive privet hedge around the property. A member of the genus Ligustrum, the privet occurs in several varieties, including the popular northern privet that originated in northern China.

Members of this family will reach between twelve feet and fifteen feet in height, if desired. The roots display a remarkable willingness to thrive in many different types of non-wet soils, including dry terrains. Between May and June, the amur privet boasts clusters of pretty white flowers. In the autumn, it produces tiny black fruits. Its seasonally changes make this plant an interesting garden plant.

Urban or Rural

Today, the privet grows in either rural or urban environments. For instance, as a Chinese plant native to the region, it flourishes in many northern Chinese cities. Yet the privet adapts equally well thousands of miles across the ocean to warm southern California and cold, rainy, Oregon. Small wonder that this species gained popularity as a hedge plant in so many temperate zone nations!

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Anyone seeking a stylish, reliable border plant in a suitable climatic zone should give serious consideration to the California or Regal  privet. As autumn advances, its charming golden hues offer a beautiful, regal border along a garden path or beside a drive. You'll enjoy watching your hedge's subtle color changes during the year.