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Ferns Under 3 Feet

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Native Ferns That Will Be Under 3 Feet In Height

Ferns are some of the most popular houseplants. They are graceful and easy to care for. Victorians dedicated entire rooms to these plants called ferneries. Best of all, they come in many sizes, from minuscule to tree-sized. Here are some ferns that grow to under 3 feet in height:

Hay Scented Ferns
This fern has beautiful, lacy leaves and gets its name from its delicious, hay-like scent. Its leaflets are hairy, with sharp tips. Hay-scented ferns, which are native to the eastern and central United States, grow from 1 to 3 feet high.

Lady Ferns
Lady ferns probably get their name because of their delicate looks, but they are healthy plants. Their leaflets are variable. This fern is found in most places in North America and Europe. It grows about as tall as the hay-scented fern.

New York Ferns
New York Ferns have fronds that are narrow at the bottom, with the lower two to four pairs of leaflets smaller than the rest. The flyers widen in the middle then taper beautifully to the end. The leaflets are staggered, which gives the plant an even more appealing look. Though the name of this plant gives away its origins in the eastern United States, there are a related species from California. The New York fern grows only 1 to 2 feet high.

Spreading Wood Ferns
Spreading wood ferns are native to cool, shady areas around much of the world. This fern has lovely, lacy fronds that are between 4 and 24 inches long. The spreading wood fern has a creeping habit that makes it an excellent ground cover in the garden.

Sensitive Ferns
Sensitive ferns have long, sterile fronds that are shaped like triangles and divided into leaflets at the base. The flyers on the fertile fronds resemble beads as they enclose the sori, which are capsules that hold the spores. This fern is native to damp places in North America and gets its name because it wilts quickly after it’s picked. It grows to between 1.5 to 2 feet tall.