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Shade Ferns are perfect for places with less filtered sunlight each day

Are you searching for ferns for shade? These plants are famous for use in a shade garden and well-suited for either full or partially shady locations. While most of these plants do work best in the shade, others can tolerate a little bit of filtered sun. The key to success is recognizing the difference and selecting the species that will thrive in your USDA plant hardiness zone and the light conditions of your yard.


TN Nursery offers a generous variety of ferns for shade and partial shade. While you shop on our website, we help you by automatically suggesting the species that will flourish in your growing zone.


What Are the Best Ferns for Shade?


TN Nursery offers the following species for your shade garden:


  •        Walking fern: This plant is a beautiful, hardy species with glossy, thin leaves with lovely crimped edges. They are best in planting zones 4 through 9.
  •        Wood fern: Also called the leatherwood fern, this species grows in full or partial shade. It has long, thin leaves with a unique blue-green color. The leaves have a leathery-looking texture. Grow this in USDA zones 3 through 8.
  •        Maidenhair fern: This shade or partial-shade plant does best in growing zones 3 through 8. It has smaller, thin, and dainty-looking leaves that look hair-like.
  •        Lady fern: This delicate, soft green plant has a delicate look, but looks are deceptive. It's incredibly hardy and can withstand either full shade or partially shady conditions in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8.
  •        Hay scented fern: This plant is on the smaller side and emits a heavenly fresh hay fragrance if you break open its leaves and release the plant's essential oil. It is a fresh, lovely spring green. It can thrive in partial to full shady conditions in planting zones 3 through 8.
  •        Bracken fern: Most people can quickly identify this plant by its foliage--large, triangular fronds grow in a plume that can reach four feet high. They perform best in shady or partial-shade conditions in planting zones 3 to 11--the wide temperature range makes it one of the most commonly spotted ferns for shade in the United States.


TN Nursery Sells a Wide Variety of the Best Ferns for Shade


TN Nursery is a leading provider of the healthiest bare root plants. We have seventy years of industry experience--shop with complete confidence in our knowledge. As you browse, feel free to connect if you have additional questions.

Shade ferns-Tn Nursery has shade ferns for all zones. Our prices are affordable, and shipping is too. We ship our native ferns out fast. Are you looking to create more Shade in the garden in your home or office? Because these plants are relatively easy to take care of, they are a great choice to help you create plenty of Shade in your garden at home.


Ferns For Shade: Best Sellers:

1. Walking Fern

2. Leatherwood Fern

3. Maidenhair Fern

4. Lady Fern

5. Hay Scented Fern