NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Who doesn’t like being out on the lake or pond on a warm, crisp day, pulling up to the sandy beach to drop an anchor? When we drop to hear the engines stop and the anchor hits bottom, we know it’s time for two things—playing in the warm water or bait the hooks.

Part of what makes these lake days so unique is the scenery, the smell of fresh water in the air, the feeling of the warm sun against our skin, and the gorgeous sites around the banks such as the Cattails, Hydrangea, Water Cress, Water Lilies in full bloom and the ever erect cattails.

Cattails make the lakes and ponds a gorgeous site because the stems look so frail but seem so sturdy, sturdy enough to hold the 4-6 inch high brown fuzzy bloom sitting on the top. The cattail brings grace and radiance to the bank lines. Cattails can reach heights of up to 6-8 feet tall, believe it or not, and the blooms on top can reach up to 12 inches, but most are around 4-6 inches with tiny brown hair-like fibers. Cattails bring radiance to the pond or lake setting because so many creatures are attracted to them. Butterflies love to flock to them and perch themselves while they eat or rest from a long day's bout. Dragonflies love to rest upon the brown fuzzy blooms as they wait for their food to pass by, and fish and other aquatic animals love to feed off the roots and stems that float about in the water.

Cattails must have moist, wet soil to thrive to their fullest potential and grow to their most total capacity. Cattails are a great plant to have around a pond, lake, or water garden because of the radiance and serenity that you get when you look at them. You can purchase cattails at great prices from TN Nursery.

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