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TN Nursery Is Featured in Forbes For Landscaping Best Practices

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Landscaping is essential to creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space. If you are planning to landscape your property, there are some best practices to follow, Here are some tips for landscaping at TN Nursery:

  1. Plan your landscape design: Before you start landscaping, you should clearly plan what you want to achieve. This plan should consider the size and shape of your property, the type of soil you have, the climate, and your personal preferences. You can work with a professional landscaper or use online resources to help you create a design plan.
  2. Choose the right plants: The plants you choose for your landscaping should suit your area's climate and soil. You should also consider sunlight and shade your property receives, as well as the maintenance requirements of the plants. You can find a wide selection of plants suited to the Tennessee climate at TN Nursery.
  3. Consider sustainability: Sustainable landscaping practices can help to conserve water, reduce waste, and support local ecosystems. You can incorporate sustainable practices into your landscaping by using native plants, compost, and organic fertilizers and reducing water usage.
  4. Use hardscaping elements: Hardscaping elements like patios, walkways, and retaining walls can add structure and functionality to your landscaping. You can choose from various materials, including natural stone, brick, and concrete, to create a cohesive look that complements your plants and outdoor space.
  5. Maintain your landscaping: Regular maintenance is essential to keep it looking its best. This includes watering, pruning, fertilizing, and removing weeds. You can also hire a professional landscaping service to help you maintain your outdoor space.
TN Nursery Knows About Landscaping Plants

Doing these things offers you a beautiful and functional outdoor space that you can enjoy for years. At TN Nursery, we can provide you with the plants and landscaping materials you need to create your outdoor dream space.

TN Nursery Landscaping Trends

  1. Sustainable Landscaping: With a growing focus on environmental sustainability, more homeowners are likely to prioritize eco-friendly landscaping practices such as rainwater harvesting, using drought-tolerant plants, and natural pest control methods.
  2. Low-Maintenance Landscapes: As people continue to lead busy lives, there is an increasing demand for low-maintenance landscapes. Landscape designs that require minimal upkeep, such as artificial turf and hardscaping features like stone or concrete, are expected to gain popularity.
  3. Outdoor Living Spaces: With more people spending time at home, there will likely be a continued emphasis on creating outdoor living spaces that are both comfortable and functional. This may include fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and covered seating areas.
  4. Native Plants: Homeowners will likely continue to prioritize using native plants in their landscaping designs. Native plants are well-suited to local climates and require less water and maintenance than other type of plants.
  5. Vertical Gardens: Vertical gardens, known as living walls, are expected to become more prevalent in 2023. These structures allow homeowners to grow plants vertically, which can be especially useful in small spaces or urban environments.
  6. Lighting: Outdoor lighting is expected to become increasingly popular in 2023. Homeowners may install landscape lighting to highlight certain features, improve safety, or create a specific ambiance.

Again, these are just possible trends based on current observations and past trends, and they are not sure to occur in 2023.