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Pecans: A Healthy Snack Choice

Friday, March 11

Candied Pecans

Pecans are one of the best nuts eaten out of hand, with nothing else added.

Crunchy and just slightly sweet, they are a great healthy snack.

For those days you're paying more attention to your sweet tooth than your waistline, though, try making some simple candied pecans.

Mix pecans, brown sugar, a dash of vanilla extract, a sprinkle of salt, and some butter or margarine. Cook on the stovetop for a few minutes in a cast iron pan or a slow oven for about ten minutes. They'll be piping hot at first. Scoop them out onto wax paper to cool down. Don't let the fact that pecans may help lower cholesterol or be an excellent source of protein make them taste any less sinfully delicious. If you think you may be ready to eat your candied pecans under the shade of a real pecan tree, check out our tree nursery.

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Pecan Tree - TN Nursery

Pecan Tree

Pecan trees are large, deciduous plants with pinnately compound leaves that produce a sweet, edible nut known for its rich flavor and use in culinary applications. Incorporating it into landscaping offers many benefits beyond its delicious nuts. \ Pecan Tree Native to the southern part of the United States, this plant is a species of hickory. Known as Carya illinoinensis, this plant is cultivated for culinary and ornamental reasons. Once the leaves appear, they look beautiful, swaying in the wind. Enjoy a Perfect Lawn With The Pecan Tree Thanks to its size, this plant is ideal for your lawn. Because of its impressive stature, college campuses and city parks often use this plant. After it reaches its full height, it can be 60 to 100 feet tall. Its canopy can extend 40 to 80 feet. As a member of the hickory family, this plant is a popular choice for building wood furniture. Discover The Pecan Tree With Gorgeous Green Leaves This deciduous plant grows pinnate leaflets with bunches of 9 to 17 leaves. These leaves are a vibrant green, so you can easily see them from a distance. While it can grow 100 feet tall in its lifetime, it will generally take a sapling ten years to reach 16 feet tall. Because of this, you should not expect to have a full-sized plant immediately. It will be about as tall as a large shrub for the first few years. Pecan Tree Offers Perfect Shade When designing your garden, setting aside areas for relaxing and enjoying a break from the sun is a good idea. Thanks to its size and dense leaves, this plant is perfect for providing shade in your backyard or lawn. Once you plant it, you can enjoy shade for many years. This plant can live for up to 300 years in the right circumstances. Like other plants in the hickory genus, the Pecan Tree produces a nut-like drupe. You will initially see a fruit growing that is surrounded by a husk. The center of the fruit contains a single pit. The husks are essentially the flower’s exocarp tissue. Meanwhile, the husk has a green-gold color with a brassy veneer. Each one is elliptical or oval. Once the husk reaches maturity, it changes from green to brown.

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