Fall Garden Maintenance


Fall is an Ideal Time for Garden Maintenance

As our pool swim time and 'shrimp on the barbie' slowly close, our thoughts begin to imagine the fall tasks ahead. Although many of us gear up to work on our yards and gardens in the spring, fall is an ideal time for yard work.

Keeping this thought in mind, here are a few ideas for bringing your garden to life in the fall.

Fall Garden Maintenance Task #1: COMPOST THE LEAVES

Fall is a beautiful time of the year with its multi-colors until they turn one color, brown, and blanket our yard. However, one could consider the fallen leaves a blessing in disguise. Instead of bagging the leaves and leaving them out with the trash, collect and compost them to create nutrient-rich organic soil ready for the spring. It also helps the old pocketbook by helping to save money on soil and fertilizer when it comes time to start your garden after the cold season.

Practically everything is compostable (grass/plant clippings, leaves, dead or brown weeds), except for weeds that have seeds or pernicious weeds like ivy that can withstand composting. For good measure, mix in some of your kitchen waste as well, fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags, and coffee grinds. They all help to increase your yield.

Fall Garden Maintenance Task #2: FERTILIZE ORGANICALLY

One of the best things you can do for your yard and garden is to prepare the soil with organic, slow-release fertilizers that enhance your soil over time. Organic fertilizers are made of natural materials and contain vital nutrients to help your plants grow and prevent plants from getting nitrogen. Not sure what to use, ask the experts at your local nursery like tnnursery.net.

Fall Garden Maintenance Task #3: PLANT TREES

As summer fades with its heat waves and autumn rolls, rainfall is usually more plentiful, and new trees, bushes, and flowers have a greater chance of survival than plants during a hotter season. For your successful landscape project, choose species native to your area paying attention to those that are drought and pest resistant and can grow in the kind of soil and available sunlight on your property.

Other Fall Garden Maintenance Tasks

Want to maintain your vegetable or fruit garden throughout the winter? Consider planting root bulbs and leaf crops that will continue to produce during the colder weather. This approach is feasible in many regions of the country, but there are some places still too cold. If you desire fresh food throughout winter, consider building a greenhouse or hotbeds. If you are not inclined to the winter garden yet and desire fresh organic food, find local farms that do.

Farmers' markets in many cities and towns allow farmers to sell their locally grown, fresh food all year long. In my next article, I shall present Fall ideas for planting trees from making the proper selection for your yard and instructions on planting your new acquisition. Don't forget to come back to www.tnnursery.net for more tips to enhance and broaden the pride you have in your landscape.

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