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Bamboo Plant - 2 For $17.99 Description

BAMBOO PLANT - Arundinaria Gigantea - Size Shipped is 1-2 Feet in Height


Bamboo plants have two types of species that are often in use within residential landscapes. These plants increase by releasing underground runners, also known as rhizomes, which might emerge from the parent plant at a distance from the original location.

They bridge those gaps between plants more quickly, making them perfect for use as screens, hedges, and the trendy open groove effect. Because the rhizomes develop horizontally at a depth of roughly 2 to 18 inches, it is possible to keep their growth under control. It can produce stunning thick hedges by employing a rhizome barrier to limit this subsurface expansion. Many of these plants can withstand the cold.

The experience of strolling across a large, open grove full of these tall plants is unlike anything else. They are also helpful for various applications, including specimen groves, perennial security screens, windbreaks, noise and dust shields, groundcovers, and erosion management. They are also widely known for producing a tropical impression in a usually moderate or even frigid environment. The most effective method of controlling this plant is maintaining a groomed path around the planting.

This route's minimum width should equal the maximum possible height of this species selected for the given area, if not more. Undoubtedly, this may not be practicable at all times, and the confinement methods available will vary according to the location. You may contain these plants using techniques such as rhizome barriers or rhizome trimming, both of which need continuous monitoring to be effective. Natural barriers such as everlasting waterbodies and dense darkness may also aid this purpose.

Bamboo Plant is Easily Grown 

They are garden plants of the evergreen variety. They are easy to care for and do not require a lot of water. They are used in gardens in many ways and add an exotic feel to any backyard; They can be used as a hedge or screen to add privacy to your yard or in any other garden arrangements. They can grow in almost any climate and can last for many years. They come in a wide range of sizes, including dwarf and giant-sized. 

Bamboo requires very little maintenance

These plants can also be grown in small containers inside and outside. Placing a number of them in your landscaping will help you to showcase your other garden plants. They are also known by many cultures to bring luck to their owners. They have also been grown to become bonsai trees. The stems are easily shaped and can be pruned to interlace. You can also prune bamboo trees back into topiaries. The under leaves are removed, leaving only clumps of leaves at the top. When planting bamboo trees as a screen, they should be planted in the area approximately 2 to 3 feet apart.

That allows them to spread out and create the coverage you need. Pruning it back will stop further growth into areas you do not want. Once they have been planted, they will require very little maintenance.

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Reviews (10)

  • 4
    bamboo plant

    Posted by ron small on Aug 05, 2022

    arrived quickly

  • 4

    Posted by Jennifer Hobbs on Jun 27, 2022

    1 of the 4 that I received has root rot. I am trying to nurse back to health. Otherwise, I would have rated it a 5.

  • 4
    Received it fast

    Posted by Narayanan Nair Gopalapillai on Jun 20, 2022

    The bamboo plants were shipped fast and I received then in four to five days. Since tglhey are shipped as bare root, it looked dry and almost without any life. But I am believing what the nursery told. So planted them in my yard, provided some covering to reduce high sun and is watering them three times a day to ensure they do not die and survive. Will wait for a few days to see how it goes

  • 4

    Posted by Angie on May 25, 2022

    The bamboo plants arrived larger than I expected. I have given only 4 stars because they arrive dormant so I am waiting for them to wake up. They were packaged carefully. Everything seems perfect so far!

  • 4
    Bamboo 2-3 feet (height)

    Posted by jessica Jenkins on Jan 23, 2022

    A good ornamental shrub beautiful planted near my mini pond Amazingly gorgeous.

  • 5

    Posted by Larry Henson on Aug 04, 2022

    Good condition

  • 5
    Seem Good!

    Posted by Nicole Sarrate on Jul 17, 2022

    The instructions confirm that the plants arrive dried but should come to life by next Spring. The roots seem strong so I've planted them and expect they will look great!

  • 5
    Bamboo came fast

    Posted by James on Jun 13, 2022

    The item was well boxed and came very quickly

  • 5

    Posted by Jared Landon on Jan 08, 2022

    The best selection for landscaping. This brings coolness around my garden and even gathers birds at the same time. I had the best natural looking space in my hometown. Thank you TN nursery for keeping me updated of your list of plants.


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Upon Receipt Of Your Plants

Open your plants and inspect the same day received. We offer 3 days to report any problems with your order. Bare root plants need to be planted within 2-3 days of receiving unless weather-related problems prohibit planting. Store in a cool place and keep roots moist and covered with plastic until they can be planted. Water for the first week daily after planting.

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