Wild Oats

Wild Oats

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Latin Name-Chasmanthium Latifiolium Hardy Zone-3-8 Mature Height-2-3ft Width-2-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Wild Oats 


Wild Oats is a very easy outdoor garden plant to grow. Just plant them in your yard or containers and watch them grow! They will also attract wild birds to your garden as their seeds provide a source of food.

The wild oat blooms in the summer time. Usually, they bloom beginning in July but can bloom earlier or later depending on your climate. A wild oat plant can thrive for up to six weeks. The color of the flowers is greenish, and their shape is a spikelet. A spikelet is a small flower that will appear off of the stems of the wild oat plant.

Wild oats are an excellent addition to any garden because they are so easy to grow. They are especially good as an ornamental grass and make for a great emphasis plant for a garden. Their blue-green foliage also gives an exciting tint of color to gardens and backyards.

The wild oat plant does not multiply but can propagate on its own. After it flowers, it will produce seeds that can germinate and grow into new plants. You can even take cuttings of mature wild oat plants and plant them around your garden. However, you decide to plant them, enjoy their unique color and flowers during the summer time.

Wild Oats perennial is native to many parts of North America including New Jersey Pennsylvania all the way to Kansas. This perennial is used to cover shady areas in a common garden, and its leaves are often dried and used in flower arrangements because of their longevity. During winter months the leaf heads turn a bronze color. The plant grows in woods near stream and rivers and within floodplains.

Animals love the Wild Oats, not only do they feed off of them but they also can bring wildlife into your yard.

Wild Oats