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We offer a 3-day warranty after receival to report any shortages or problems with all orders. This gives the customer ample time to unpack and plant all plants in order to verify all plants are there and check for problems.

We offer a 1-year replacement for 40% of the original cost of any plant. This is an "at cost" price for digging, packaging, box fees, and reshipping. Plants can also be returned within 1 full year for an in-store credit if a retail quantity was ordered under 100 plants per variety. We do not offer return or in-store credits on wholesale quantities of over 100 plants per variety but you can pay 40% of the original cost for replacements.

Do not open damaged boxes, refuse the shipment or you will be responsible for it. If the carrier has left boxes at your door, return them unopened and refuse them and we will replace.

We offer no refunds on live plants but in-store credit for those that qualify within this warranty.

We ship dormant plants, no leaves, foliage or blooms. They are not dead. Please plant them and they will bloom out the following spring. To prove you have received plants that are alive, simply scratch the bark and if you see a white to green color they are alive. Dead plants have brown or black interior inside the bark (see below image for instructions). Some perennials and fern species will not come up until the following spring so this is why we offer a 1-year warranty to prove our plants are alive. We also dig all plants fresh and ship immediately and have inspection certification on them so they are very much so alive when dug and shipped out.

Bareroot Plants| Scratch Test

Do not take it upon yourself to return plants without prior authorization. Customer service has a totally different address to send back plants to. Quantities of 10 or more plants or trees per variety cannot be returned because they are priced at wholesale and cannot be returned. If you've done the scratch test and have under 10 plants, return them to:

Tn Nursery, 856 Main Street, Altamont Tn 37301


We reserve the right to substitute any plant or tree for equal or greater value if we are sold out of the species ordered and/or it is no longer available. For no substitutions, please make us a note in checkout stating "No Subs" and we will honor this and credit for anything we are out of.

We process orders very fast during normal business hours. If you've placed an order chances are it's gone to the fields to dig and we can not cancel once it's been dug. However, you can give us a call to see and we will be happy to cancel if it's not been dug already. If we are able to cancel an order, a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from refund due to the time and cost we have it researching the order and stopping production of it being dug.

We work diligently digging orders and shipping them. We will not be responsible for any refusals of delivery of our plants and we will not issue in-store credits or reshipments if you refuse your live plants, no exceptions.