Tn Nursery  Offers Free Plants

Tn Nursery Offers Free Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on Nov 10 , 2012

Tn Nursery Offers Free Plants To Homeowners With Each Order


If you are looking to add some new foliage or flowers to your garden, TN Nursery is one of the best places to look. This nursery is located in Altamont, Tennessee, but offers very affordable shipping prices, with no minimum purchase required. You will be amazed by the vast selection and competitive prices of the nursery.

No matter what types of plants you need to enhance the beauty of your garden, TN Nursery is sure to have them. They have large foliage trees, such as black cherry trees, October Glory maple trees, and American beech trees, as well as flowering trees such as red dogwoods and black locust trees. They also offer a big selection of evergreen trees and shrubs. Flowering shrubs are also available. In addition to these larger items, smaller flowering plants, such as black-eyed Susans, lance leaf coreopsis and Showy Southern skullcaps are available. Beautiful grasses, marsh plants, groundcover plants such as hosta and creeping blue phlox, vines and ferns can also be found at the nursery. Here, you will discover plants you never imagined, such as Appalachian false goatsbeard, loblolly pine trees, and squirrel corn. With such a vast selection to choose from, you will be eager to start working in your garden.

Another great aspect of the nursery is that you can always be sure of the incredibly high quality of the plants. The shrubs, trees or flowering plants you receive will be very healthy and will add a bright spot to your garden. Few nurseries pride themselves on the quality of their plants as much as TN Nursery does.

The prices are at the nursery are highly competitive as well. If you can find plants of the same high quality selling for a lower price, the nursery will match that price. Also, the nursery is now offering free plants with nearly every order. For example, if you purchase three strawberry plants, you will receive two for free. If you are buying ten pink dogwoods, you will get five for free. 

The more plants you buy, the more free plants you will receive. With such great deals on these lovely plants, there is no better time to begin purchasing new items and sprucing up your yard or garden.

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