Silver Maple Seedlings

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Latin Name- Acer Sacchairnum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 50-80 Width- 25-35 Sun or Shade- Prefers Partial Shade


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Silver Maple Seedlings - Acer Saccharinum.

Silver Maple are amazing and produce gorgeous trees when grown. The Silver Maple Seedlings can adapt well to all types of soil conditions. The Silver Maple Seedlings can also survive drought conditions. Silver Maple Seedlings grow 49–82 ft tall with a spread of 36–49 ft wide. The Silver Maple Seedlings also attracts lots of birds and other small wildlife to areas where it is planted. The Silver Maple Seedlings are sturdy and durable when grown.

Silver maple seedling is scientifically called Acer saccharinum.

This seedling is given the name silver because it produces a lovely, shiny effect when the wind blows. Silver Maple bottom layers produce the brilliant result. Silver Maple Seedlings bark is also silver in color, particularly at a younger age. Silver maple is mostly preferred by landscapers as it can grow swift and because of this, Silver Maple Seedlings provides an in-depth and quicker shade. The silver maple has a bright top and bottom in spring and summer seasons whereas it turns into pale yellow color in winters. Silver Maple  flowers are produced mostly during the start of winter season having red, yellow and silver clusters. Silver Maple Seedlings seeds are considered one of the most abundant grains among all native maples. Silver Maple Seedlings grows in a vase shape. Silver Maple Seedlings grows pretty well along sidewalks, fountains and sewer lines. As compared to other maple trees, Silver Maple Seedlings can produce delicious sugar. This plant can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as pulpwood, in containers and furniture. It can also be used as a fuel. The silver maple  can start producing buds earlier in winter season unlike many other species of plants. This characteristic makes them desirable to be grown in homes and other smaller locations.

Silver Maple Seedlings


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