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Shrubs Are Perfect For Small Areas Like Under Windows or near Borders


Shrubs are hardy to many growing conditions (light, soil, weather) and easy to grow and care for. Our specialty is providing customers with the hardiest, healthiest North American native species--and a few non-natives perfectly suited to our growing conditions.


We ship all shrubs and plants in their bare root form. That helps to ensure plant health and increase sustainability, as you will not have a plastic planter to toss after planting.


All shrubs are woody plants, similar to trees but generally lower-growing. Most stay under sixty inches and have dense leaves and branches. They help beautify any landscape. They also play a role in maintaining the health of pollinator insects, birds, and small mammals. They are an excellent addition to every garden.


All Shrubs at TN Nursery Are Easy to Plant and Care For


As mentioned, we specialize in hardy species. All shrubs we sell are well-adapted to many USDA plant hardiness zones--and our website helps guide you to find the most appropriate option as you browse.


All shrubs we sell will be easy to manage. When you receive your bare root, it is dormant. You will dig a hole with enough size to accommodate the roots without forcing or breaking them. Replace the soil and gently tap it into place. Water it (about one inch per week) until the roots strengthen.


After planting, all shrubs from TN Nursery will be almost carefree! They will need only twice yearly fertilizing, mulch around the roots for the winter in colder zones, and occasional pruning to maintain a beautiful shape.


What Are the TN Nursery Best Seller Shrubs?


All shrubs are in high demand, but here are some recommendations from our knowledgeable horticulture staff:


  •        Lilac: This classic beauty grows best in cool to moderately cool zones. It reaches a height of under twenty feet and has lovely, dark green leaves. But the best part is the mid to late spring show of large, fragrant, purple blossoms. They are beautiful left on the shrub but also stunning when cut and displayed in a vase.
  •        Privet: These stunning evergreens grow in almost all growing conditions. Gardeners use them for defining a property's boundary, as a garden border, or for privacy. The privet plant consumes little water and only needs a little help after you plant it. After that, they become independent of care and only need occasional trimming for shape.
  •        Crepe myrtle: This gardening classic is popular because it is so simple to take care of. Choose from several colorful choices: purple, pink, white, and red.


All Shrubs and Plants From TN Nursery Are Hardy and Resilient in Many Growing Conditions


TN Nursery customers return to us repeatedly for one reason--they trust us! Our products and commitment to customer care are second to none. Reach out to customer service with any questions as you browse our site.






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