Red Crepe Myrtle

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Latin Name- Largerstroemie Dyamite Red Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 4-12 ft Width- 15-20 Sun or Shade- Perfers Full Sun

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Red Crepe Myrtle - Lagerstroemia Dynamite Red

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Red Crepe Myrtle are beautiful summer plants with notably vibrant red flowers. They are native to warmer climates, and although can grow in colder climates, they do not have as intense a color in these conditions. The more sunlight it gets, the better the color.  Red Crape Myrtles grow poorly in wet soils. The moist and well-drained soil is recommended for this plant. They look amazing as they are in bloom during the summer and displays a brightly color of red for everyone to see.  The flowers show on the ends of the long branches in large and small clusters.  They make a beautiful ornamental tree use as bordering and are amazing when they all bloom at the same time.  They can grow to become four to twelve feet tall when fully grown.  They also attract bees, butterflies and to hummingbirds to the gorgeous blooms they produce.  These trees are also magnificent as they may prefer the moist soils they can also withstand drought conditions very well.  They are very easy to grow and maintain when they are fully developed.  They can also be trimmed to be kept to the desired height for a homeowner.  They produce gorgeous color all through spring and summer, and they lose their leaves during the fall months.  The trunks of these trees appear as if they are peeling and they display a beautiful smooth trunk once the bark finished peeling off. The bright blooms of the Red Crepe Myrtle Tree are among the most stunning in existence. Not only considered one of the hardiest trees, but they're also resistant to mildew, insects, and drought. Red Crepe Myrtles are excellent in groupings, and the blooms last from spring to fall. The dynamic tree compliments any driveway, or if it's privacy you're looking for, it's equally suitable. Red Crepe Myrtles do best in full sunlight. Once the tree reaches 20-25 feet, it's entirely matured. If need a tree to correctly set off your lawn, the Red Crepe Myrtle is a winner.




Red Crepe Myrtle

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