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White Violet

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White Violet



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White Violets (Viola canadensis)

White violets, also known as Viola canadensis, are flowering perennials that belong to the Violaceae family. They are native to North America and can grow in wooded areas, streams, and other moist habitats.

White violets typically grow about 6-12 inches tall and have heart-shaped leaves and small, delicate white flowers. They bloom in the spring and early summer and are often used in gardens and landscaping as ground cover or border plants.

In addition to their ornamental value, white violets have medicinal properties. They have been used traditionally to treat various ailments, including headaches, coughs, and skin irritations. These delicate perennials are also a source of antioxidants and may have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

White Violets: Viola canadensis, white violets, are a self-seeding perennial growing in the cooler USDA growing zones. The flowers are striking--snowy white with a delicate purple brushstroke.

A North American native species, white violets occur in nature on the rich, moist floors of the hardwood forests of Canada, New England, across the Great Lakes, and into the upper plains. This perennial loves moisture, filtered shade, and organic materials.

Where to Plant Viola canadensis in Your Landscape

White violets stay under twelve inches tall; the reasonable size makes them ideal for use in many locations. Here are a few places to use white violets:

  • Border garden
  • Shade garden
  • Along a walkway
  • Mass plantings
  • Near a fountain or water feature
  • Along a shaded walkway

Loosen the soil in a shady area to encourage quick drainage, and amend the soil with compost, shredded leaves, or hardwood mulch. White violets will also flower in heavily shaded areas, but the blooms will be less bountiful. It does not prefer full sunshine.

White violets are deer-resistant but will attract butterflies, moths, bumblebees, and other pollinator insects.

The Light and Airy Look of White Violets

White violets form small clumps up to twelve inches wide. The stem is burgundy to purple and narrow. The leaves create a lovely heart shape with gently scalloped edges and a pronounced tip. They are a true green, about four inches long and three inches wide. Fine hairs may be present along the edges.

Singular flowers measure an inch or less and display five petals with a cheerful yellow middle. The angelic white petals have a slight brush of purple on the lower petal and are about one inch across.

Blossoms open up and put on their show at the end of the spring and into early summertime.

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The roots were packed well to prevent drying out. The instructions for planting were clearly written. Now I have violets!!!! Thank you.

Madison Gregory

The plants arrived in good, healthy condition. Thumbs up

Hearing how much you love our plants has brightened up our day! Thank you for the great review you left us, Madison, and for choosing to shop with us!

White violets

Please see my review for Purple Violets

White Violets
Quality of bare root plants

The plants were in excellent condition when I received them. I put them in my crisper as recommended until able to plant them, when I planted them they were all healthy. Looking forward to seeing them all full of flowers!

Hearing how much you love our plants has brightened up our day! Thank you for the great review you left us, and for choosing to shop with us!

Reba Thomas
White violet

These arrived in great shape and packaged nicely. I got them planted.. Can't wait to see what they look like in the spring.