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Horsetail Grass - Equisetum Hyemale

Horsetail Grass is a native wetland perennial grass that grows in moist areas near lakes, ponds and swamplands. It grows to be a thick patch of green, with long and slender seed stems that grow from the ground and a short stalk or rhizome.


 Horsetail Grass is a beautiful ground cover for your yard. It has strong stems that are easy to bend, giving it the appearance of grass but with a more airy look than regular lawns.


 Horsetail Grass is one of the best plants for longevity because it doesn't die out quickly like grass usually does. The leaves are soft and delicate, but they are tough and can withstand being stepped on by children or pets without getting muddy or damaged.


Horestail Grass is the perfect plant for you if you want an eco-friendly lawn that is hardy against children and pets!


As the name suggests, this botanical belongs to the horsetail family and is a perennial herb.


Equisetum Hyemale is called horsetail grass because of how it looks


It has a long stem with a central groove that runs the entire stem. The stem can grow up to 65 feet tall and in moist areas with well-drained soil. The plant has a multitude of purported health benefits. It has multiple uses but is most commonly used to remove toxins from horse urine (hence why it's called horsetail grass) or is taken as an herbal remedy for joint pain, urinary tract infections, or even preventing kidney stones! If you're looking for an herb to help clear your skin, fight acne, detoxify your system, + more, horsetail is the one for you!


Horsetail Grass is used for urinary tract infections, eczema, boils, and inflammations.


 Many cultures have used Equisetum Hyemale for thousands of years. Native Indians used this plant to help treat a variety of health problems.


 Horsetail Grass is different. Our Horsetail Grass is the purest, highest-quality Horsetail Grass available in the United States.


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