NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Ground covers add beauty and usefulness to your yard or garden.

Some use ground covers to help deal with erosion in their yards.

Creeping Phlox is an excellent choice for homeowners. It is being classified as a perennial means one will see it grow each year. This ground cover will spread and almost resemble a blanket of flowers that vary in color from pink, purple, red, and white. These will bloom during the spring months. Another reason this ground cover is a top choice is that it is low maintenance and hardy. It is perfect for uneven ground, and it will also grow well between rocks and other challenging areas.

You can even use this to plant along your walkways or border another area of your yard. It is best to plant this in the springtime, and be sure to give it plenty of water until it is established in your garden area. Another natural growing ground cover is Thyme. It will bloom pink and white flowers during the spring and summer months and add a beautiful fragrance. Vinca is also an excellent choice and low maintenance. It will bloom from the spring to the fall months and have white, purple, and sometimes blue flowers. It is also adaptable to many different kinds of soils and will overgrow, so be sure to prune it to your liking. If one wants a ground cover that will do well in the heat, you should try the Showy Evening Primrose. It is heat, humidity, and drought tolerant and will bloom beautiful pink flowers during the summer months; and is a slow grower.

The slow growth is worth the wait in beauty.

Ground covers, in general, are a great way to liven up an area or garden that is difficult to plant in and a great way to reduce and prevent erosion.

Ground covers will also help with an area prone to many weeds, and it will help reduce the amount that grows while also making your yard look beautiful. People also use ground covers to cover large areas, and you can even use some to grow up fences or trellis in your garden. In any case, ground covers are an excellent choice!

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