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 Drought Tolerant Garden

Drought Tolerant Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Tuesday, July 26

Planting a Drought Tolerant Garden

This summer we have seen the thermometer soar and the rain diminish. For those of us who have invested in landscaping, it becomes a race against the elements to keep those investments living and green! Planting drought-resistant perennials for your garden is a wise move, as they require less water and can stand up to strong sun and even poor soil.

Varieties of Drought Tolerant plants

Knockout Roses have seen an increase in popularity, because of their hardiness. They grow well, they grow fast, and they require little care. A little snipping of the dead flowers, a bit of water and sunlight and off they go! My new puppy chewed a newly planted Knockout Rose down to the canes early in the spring and I thought it was dead. I simply cut it back and now it is leafy, green and full of beautiful red blooms! Lavender, Daylily, Purple Coneflowers, Yarrow and Coreopsis are just a few of the hardy perennials that would make good choices for your “water-less” garden.
One of my garden favorites is the ornamental grass. There are dozens of varieties in all shapes, sizes and colors. Be sure when you plant grasses to take into consideration their mature size. Some of these can get quite large, both in height and width. Use these as dramatic backdrops for the perennials listed above. In my own garden, I have staggered Crepe Myrtle with the ornamental grasses. The Crepe Myrtle adds height with beautiful deep color, and the grasses add texture. With your garden full of easy care perennials and grasses, you can scatter a few decorative pots of bright colored annuals throughout your garden to add interest and variety. With this simple plan, you will see your water bill decrease, your plants propagate and your free time increase!

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