Deer Resistant Shrubs


Deer Resistant Shrubs


When you plant deer resistant shrubs, you will help deter the pesky garden intruders and save your plants. While deer are lovely creatures, they can wreak havoc on your garden, destroying all your hard work in just a few short minutes of stomping through your prized garden beds and grazing on your favorite plants.


Nothing will completely dissuade a determined deer from destroying your favorite ferns or prized perennials. But planting the right additions to your yard can discourage them from the feast.


What Are Deer Resistant Shrubs?


Deer resistant shrubs are a hundred percent deer-proof. However, deer have a highly well-tuned sense of smell. Some plants seem to attract them to your yard more than others. For example, petunias, an annual flower, seem to catch their interest.


Conversely, they appear to be turned off by other aromas. The more potent, spicier, floral essential oils contained in the leaves, stems, or petals of other plants deter them.


You can try to plant specific deer resistant shrubs close to the more attractive plants to repel them. However, some are more persistent (or hungrier, perhaps?), and you might not convince them to leave those attractive flowers alone. In that case, you can swap out the deer-attracting plants for deer resistant shrubs and plants.


Try These Deer Resistant Shrubs and Plants From TN Nursery


Choosing deer resistant shrubs does not mean that you will sacrifice beauty for function! TN Nursery has almost three dozen deer resistant shrubs and flowers in our catalog--here are three of our tried-and-true staff picks you might consider.


  •        Hibiscus: The Hibiscus syriacus is a deer-resistant shrub and one of our top sellers due to its inherent beauty. This sun-loving flowering shrub flourishes in the moderately warm to hot regions. TN Nursery offers it in breathtaking colors, including purple, white, red, and           pink.
  •        Forsythia: This early-spring bloomer is a fast-growing species that would enjoy moderately warm temperatures and bask in the full sunshine. The profuse yellow blossoms brighten up the landscape in the early season. As it happens, deer don't like it very well.
  •        Butterfly bush: This full-sun, fragrant perennial flowering bush attracts pollinator insects like butterflies, moths, and bees while it discourages visits from your local deer. It is an easy-growing species that you will adore.

You Can Rely on TN Nursery for Deer Resistant Shrubs


Although they are lovely, deer can be a nuisance in the yard. If you need help finding deer resistant shrubs to suit your region, you are in the right place. Our website detects your local growing zone and points you to the appropriate solutions. Of course, our friendly team is always ready to assist you make a decision or help you with an order.

Deer resistant shrubs are for sale online at TN Nursery

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