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Crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) trees

If you’re wondering where to buy fast-growing crepe myrtle trees online then you’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of these stunning, flowering trees for sale to suit every situation.

The crepe myrtle, or Lagerstroemia indica, comes in a range of colors from dreamy white, to hot pink, to fiery red. We've even got a vibrant purple crepe myrtle. So, whatever your color scheme, there’s a crepe myrtle that will suit.

We grow crepe myrtle trees for zones 4-9 on our farm in Tennessee (it's over 3500 acres!). Because you're buying directly from the grower, you’ll always get a great low price. Our crepe myrtles start at $10.99 or you can grab an even better bargain and buy two for $17.99. Want more than two? We offer awesome bulk discounts.

Beautiful small trees for smaller gardens

Many of our customers who have smaller gardens despair that their property isn’t big enough for a beautiful tree. So it is with great pleasure that we tell them a small garden can make a great home for a flowering crepe myrtle tree. In fact, at 3-4 feet tall, some of these trees are small enough that many people call them shrubs.

Affordable trees for year-round interest in every area of your garden

Flowering in summer, crepe myrtle trees aren’t just a show-stopper during the warmer months. Though, their wrinkly, crinkly crepe paper-like flowers are a major draw-card. They’re a versatile, low-maintenance choice to fill a variety of garden roles and add year-round interest.

Crepe myrtles sport beautiful new spring growth, stunning fall foliage and an ornate trunk with patterned bark. And, being longer-lived like all trees, you can appreciate their beautiful displays for many years.

Dwarf varieties of crepe myrtle are a great choice near homes and other buildings. They can even grow well in containers. Got a courtyard? A crepe myrtle will add a spray of color.

A row of crepe myrtles makes a spectacular driveway lining. They also make wondering specimen plants.

Pro tip:

Crepe myrtles love hot, dry climates so are especially good for drought-prone areas.

So if you want to grab a bargain on a versatile tree that will add year-round interest, we have beautiful crepe myrtles in a range of colours. Buy yours today from $10.99.