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4 Crepe Myrtle Benefits When Planted In Landscaping
Native to China and Korea, crepe myrtles have soared to popularity in the US. They also can now flourish in colder climates. However, that is not a guarantee. It's important to remember that typically only hybrids variation is suitable for the northern US states. Always be certain of the necessary growing conditions. Climate is not the only consideration. Time to properly care for them also must be guaranteed.

If you're considering a crepe myrtle for your landscaping, check out these four benefits you can expect. With proper maintenance on your end, you should notice these results. Should you be looking to update the look of your yard, know these four benefits. Visit us online, too. https://www.tnnursery.net/crepe-myrtle-trees-for-sale/

1 Beautiful Blooms

Opt for red or white blooms. In certain soil conditions, the red blooms can take on a more pink appearance, even almost resembling a fuchsia hue. If you're looking for a nice pop of color, you will love the "red" blooms. White flowering crepe myrtles create a more clean and polished look in your yard.

Add these beautiful trees to either commercial or residential properties to improve curb appeal. Their colorful, full blooms look wonderful next to driveways and pools, too. No matter where you place a crepe myrtle, look forward to many years of vibrant foliage each summer.

2 Lower Energy Bills

Yes, these trees can reduce energy bills. When placed next to commercial and residential properties, the branches from these trees and their blooms help shade a home or place of business. With proper pruning, there should be no unnecessary growth that negatively impacts a building.

If worried about spending too much money, know you should have a nice return on investment. In addition to your landscaping looking better, you can even save money on your cooling and heating costs. Check out prices today. https://www.tnnursery.net/crepe-myrtle-trees-for-sale/

3 Medicinal Benefits

These trees also can improve your health. Grind the rather large blooms. You can apply them to minor burns or cuts for immediate relief. If you want to furhter look into chemistry, you can learn how to boil the flowers and use the resulting oil to treat the common cold!

Take root from this tree and use it to benefit your wellness, too. Apply it as an astringent or diuretic. Also know that crepe myrtles have been linked with abilities to combat kidney issues, obesity, and symptoms associated with diabetes.

4 Bird Viewing

During summer and into early fall, you can expect to see blooms most of the time. You also should look forward to bird enjoying the tree branches. If you are a bird lover, you have even more reasons to consider crepe myrtles.

But the nature unfolding doesn't come to an end in colder months. Birds typically love to feast on the tree's seeds each winter. Cardinals, finches, juncos, and sparrows are known to feed off of crepe myrtles.

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If you’re wondering where to buy fast-growing crepe myrtle trees online then you’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of these stunning, flowering trees for sale to suit every situation.

The crepe myrtle, or Lagerstroemia indica, comes in a range of colors from dreamy white, to hot pink, to fiery red. We've even got a vibrant purple crepe myrtle. So, whatever your color scheme, there’s a crepe myrtle that will suit.

We grow crepe myrtle trees for zones 4-9 on our farm in Tennessee (it's over 3500 acres!). Because you're buying directly from the grower, you’ll always get a great low price. Our crepe myrtles start at $10.99 or you can grab an even better bargain and buy two for $17.99. Want more than two? We offer awesome bulk discounts.

Many of our customers who have smaller gardens despair that their property isn’t big enough for a beautiful tree. So it is with great pleasure that we tell them a small garden can make a great home for a flowering crepe myrtle tree. In fact, at 3-4 feet tall, some of these trees are small enough that many people call them shrubs.

Affordable  crepe myrtle trees for year-round interest in every area of your garden

Flowering in summer, crepe myrtle trees aren’t just a show-stopper during the warmer months. Though, their wrinkly, crinkly crepe paper-like flowers are a major draw-card. They’re a versatile, low-maintenance choice to fill a variety of garden roles and add year-round interest.

Crepe myrtles sport beautiful new spring growth, stunning fall foliage and an ornate trunk with patterned bark. And, being longer-lived like all trees, you can appreciate their beautiful displays for many years.

Dwarf varieties of crepe myrtle are a great choice near homes and other buildings. They can even grow well in containers. Got a courtyard? A crepe myrtle will add a spray of color.

A row of crepe myrtles makes a spectacular driveway lining. They also make wondering specimen plants.

Pro tip:

Crepe myrtles love hot, dry climates so are especially good for drought-prone areas.

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