Peat Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April

Peat Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Sun Or Shade

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Under 6 Inches

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5-7 Days


Shade Gardens

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Peat Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April
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Peat Moss (Sphagnum centrale)

Peat Moss: Many gardeners, even those with years of experience, often express surprise when they learn how easy it is to grow peat moss (Sphagnum centrale) in their backyards. This favorite potting medium enjoys popularity when planting tomatoes, berries, orchids, and other acid-loving plants. But somehow, gardeners rarely consider growing it themselves!

Peat moss is a ground cover that expands quickly to form a dense mat in locations considered too shady for other plants. However, it also displays bright green foliage, making the area more lively and attractive.

Peat Moss Can Enliven Your Yard

Do you have areas of partial to heavy shade? If you have tried growing grass or other plants without any luck, you may have nutrient-depleted soil, too little rainfall, or too little sunshine. You might even have a combination of all three of those factors.

Peat moss can help resolve that problem. First, it is a ground cover moss that will revitalize the area with its joyful green hues.

Second, peat moss can bring life back to that barren part of your yard. It grows in the shadiest of spots, requiring only filtered sun. Moreover, its growth process can add moisture and nutrition back to your depleted soil.

The barrel-shaped plant has spongy cells that wick in magnesium, calcium, and rainfall like a magnet. It then expels the water back to its immediate area. As the plants die, they compost on the ground, releasing the minerals and helping to lock in moisture. Consequently, the life cycle of peat moss helps to correct the deficiencies and bring your shady yard back to life.

Peat Moss Makes a Wonderful Ground Cover or Companion Plant

Because of the moisture-adding cycle described above, peat moss is a beautiful ground cover plant, and it's perfect as a companion plant near your vegetable, herb, or flower garden. Its life cycle will naturally fertilize your garden, making it more sustainable by minimizing your need for chemical additives to your garden.

Order Your Peat Moss from TN Nursery Today

Are you ready to revitalize your garden? Order peat moss from TN Nursery; we are here to dig your Sphagnum centrale and ship it to your door.

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Leah Evans

Healthy plant received. Happy Customer heres

Bobby Jones
Peat Moss

Moss arrived packed very neatly and also had planting instructions. It is growing very well Thank you for your excellent product.