NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Does your yard lack something? Maybe it's a lack of plants, it’s just too bare. Maybe it’s a plan or design, it seems like your yard has just been thrown together in a short time frame or maybe it’s something as simple as color.

Color makes any yard a huge success; it not only adds color but also makes you feel better about your landscape and makes family and friends – jealous with envy!

Did you know that just a simple splash of color in your yard can make or break your whole design element?

When you are either renovating your existing landscape, or you are starting a new landscape project from scratch, color can make all the difference! But, did you know that too much color can ruin the whole look?

When landscaping your yard, rather it is the front or back the best thing to do is make sure that you have a balance. Think of how you dress, for instance, too much color can say – wow! But, the right amount of color and accent accessories can make your whole outfit. It works the same with your yard; the right amount of balance can make the whole design element.

If you are looking for a great balance, the best way is by having a lot of greenery or foliage with a touch of color here and there, but making sure you keep the colors simple and the same throughout, don’t add 10 colors to one area because then there is not a centerpiece or wow factor.

Blue Bells, can add color, style, and flair to one's landscape because it in itself has the right amount of color and greenery. Imagine a nice, uniform flower bed or natural area with greenery on the outside and a few Blue Bills spread out among the middle? What a look? Blue Bells are a great touch for any yard!

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