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Flowers for the Year 2021TN Nurseries best selling perennialsCardinal flowerPartridgeberrySolomon sealVioletsTrilliumsAs seasons come and go, especially in 2021, so do the flora and fauna that flourish in different parts of the world. We have enjoyed a bounty of plant varieties we have created in our homes and backyards for so long. As a way of [...]

Flowers for the Year 2021

TN Nurseries best selling perennials

Cardinal flower


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As seasons come and go, especially in 2021, so do the flora and fauna that flourish in different parts of the world. We have enjoyed a bounty of plant varieties we have created in our homes and backyards for so long. As a way of welcoming positivity for this year, we would like to introduce to you some of the fresh new plants and flowers that have sprouted up for this coming season.

First up on our list of annual and perennial blooms and foliage is the Gekko-green celosia. If you do not know what that is, celosia plants are a small genus of edible and ornamental plants in the amaranth family. You may also identify their flowers as "Cock's Combs." The Gekko-green celosia is primarily comprised of foliage and can stand on its own. The leaves arrange in clusters that give them the appearance of burgundy-dotted flowers, and they are an excellent option for filling up your gardening containers. Next is the annual bush daisy, particularly from the High Noon collection, which gives an excellent first impression as a conversation starter. With its bold, monochromatic yellow hues, this flower can draw attention to itself no matter the occasion.

Then, the pink calibrachoas look as if they have been individually hand-painted, giving them a mainly cloudy or watercolor-like aesthetic. Calibrachoas are a petunia-like genus of plants in the Solanaceae family, and they are also short-lived evergreen perennials with a sprawling habit. Another flower to watch out for is a type of columbine from the Earlybird collection called the aquilegia, which boasts multiple pairs in one bloom, such as purple and yellow, red and yellow, and blue and white. The Lancelot Canary Island Sage is a thirty-six to forty-two-inch-tall plant with fragrant, silvery leaves, and it has the novelty of being low-maintenance flowers and immune to frost. It also attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds with its lavender bracts, and another alternative for this hardy plant is the Mexican bush sage.

If you want something fluffy, the Velvet Fog Smokebush with its fuzzy and soft-looking pink plumes may interest you, and it grows more blooms than a typical smokebush. For some year-round variety, the Holy Smoke Big Bluestem is a grass variety highlighted with smoky hues of red and purple, and it is pretty versatile with its growth in any soil. Hummingbirds make great additions as pollinators to a tranquil garden, so a suitable catalyst for their presence would be the Pink Flamingo Cardinal flower which grows from three to four feet and provides vertical accents. These flowers usually perform best with moist and well-draining soil in full sunlight or shade, and if grown from seeds, they would reward you with at least a handful of flowers fading from dazzling pink to faint shades of salmon. For perennial flowers that are hardy against pests and diseases, the Aurora Borealis rose developed from Vineland's 49th Parallel Collection is a compact shrub that is black spot resistant and grows up to at least around a meter tall.

The Machu Morado Mexican Petunia grows from eighteen to thirty-two inches tall for the summer season, adorned with periwinkle and bluish-purple flowers. They attract butterflies, and you can spot them in Southern gardens during the late summer. You can even find them frosted up in the North. The "Pig-squeak," formally known as the Bergenia, is an excellent addition for its bright pink flowers and the squeaky sound its leaves make, hence its nickname. White lilac bushes give a romantic vibe with their delicate appearance, especially during early mornings, and they carry the light scent of spring no matter the season. The ornamental Medusa-green sweet potato vine has leaves that resemble green fingers splotched with purple highlights for more foliage and shape. It grows a dense amount of vegetation with high sun and heat tolerance. The Marigold drop shot is a new flower variety with feathery golden-yellow foliage that attracts all sorts of pollinators with its licorice flavor that can be a tarragon substitute. With its fiery red, orange, and yellow colors, the slow-to-fading Dalaya Fireball Dahlia adds a bold charm to bouquet displays with its long-lasting yellow twills contrasting with its exquisite orange blossoms.

One of the best plants for 2021 would be the Ultraviolet Tall Garden Phlox, with its strikingly lush magenta-violet flowers. This plant can grow up to a staggering twenty-eight to thirty-two inches to provide an eyecatcher and vertical interest to your garden. There is also a new variety of coleus with rich red foliage and scalloped edges of the same shade. This particular plant has won the 2020 AAS Ornamental award, making it the first coleus to have the honor. As the foliage does not fade over the summer and thrives in full sun and shade, this plant is a standout annual. Another stunning plant to add to your collection is the tall Panther Hinebark, especially when they bloom. The delicately-hued flowers against the dark, black-tinged foliage is an exquisite combination, and it provides an excellent backdrop for other flowers and foliage, along with mildew resistance. This plant can grow up to four to five feet tall and around two to three feet wide. The Chinook Sunrise rose is an ethereal flower that you must also watch out for, with its gorgeous pinky-coral petals resistant to black spots.

Some final additions to this list of blooms and foliage would be the stylish Dahlia Belle, with the coral hues of its petals that resemble frilly ruffles. There would also be the 'Sweet Sandia' Echinacea, whose disco-like green and pink gradient petals look like a peek into a watermelon-colored fever dream. For ornamental foliage you can use as hanging decorations, the Midnight Cascade blueberry can work as an edible and ornamental plant, as a basket-hanging blueberry. The flowers are white and bell-shaped during the spring, just like the lily-of-the-valley—and towards the autumn, the leaves deepen into a rich red color.