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Tammy Sons Feature Article for Entrepreneur

Tammy Sons, CEO of Tn Nursery, is a proud member of the leadership network contributor on Entrepreneur.

Tammy loves to write about trending news and stories that most evade, like her latest article, "Crypto-Fueled Internet Collective Raised More Than $40 Million to Buy a Rare Copy of the Constitution."

TN Nursery's own Tammy Sons Writes For Entrepreneur.

See Tammy's article below:

Entrepreneur Story This Crypto-Fueled Internet Collective Raised More Than $40 Million to Buy a Rare Copy of the Constitution.

Tammy Sons, CEO of TN Nursery, located near Nashville, Tennessee, studied horticulture at TTU and runs a third-generation mail-order plant nursery near the nursery capital of the world. Tammy grew up in the nursery industry and had a love of nature and all it offers. She'd much rather be in the great outdoors as anywhere on earth. Her Forbes profile states she stays mostly on her home farm, where she runs her successful mail-order plant business, and you can find her most days under the sun.

Tammy's spouse Dennis runs the operation with their son Tristan, daughter Bailey, and Karastan. It is a family-owned hands-on business that not only cares for the quality of plants they ship to their customers but also desires to offer low prices and keep customers on a long-term basis.

TN Nurseries' Clientele

They have served some of the world's most prestigious clientele. The Discovery Channel did a time-lapse photography special on how a tree awakes from dormancy in spring and begins to bud, leafing out to become a full foliage tree.

TN Nursery has sold The Arlington National Cemetery native grasses to plant on memorials near soldiers' graves.

Provided trees for 911 crash sites of victims crashing in fields in PA.

Sold trees to an NFL quarterback.

Sells plants and maintains a great relationship with Troy Landry of the #1 rated show "Swamp People."

Provided trees for the architects doing a landscaping job for Trump Towers.

Sells plants to the Washington Monument and The Battery Conservancy.

See This video from Swamp People's on Troy Laundry.

Tammy Sons Writes For Entrepreneur

Tammy Sons Writes For Entrepreneur


6 Pack - Pampas Grass Plugs - TN Nursery

6 Pack - Pampas Grass Plugs

It is a popular ornamental grass known for its stunning appearance and versatility in landscaping. When planted as plugs, these young plants bring a range of attributes that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any landscape. We will explore the essential qualities of these plants and their benefits in landscaping. While pampas grass is native to South America, its appeal has made it a popular addition to yards around the world. The fast-growing plants are a type of perennial grass that continues to offer notable benefits to properties over its long lifespan. Why should you consider planting it on your property? Pampas Grass Plugs The Standout Beauty It is also known as Cortaderia selloana, an ornamental grass with distinctive, appealing aesthetics. The grass plugs grow rapidly and can reach a height of 12 feet. The vibrant hue of the lush, green stalks is brought to life with the wispy blooms that stand at the top of the grass. The flowering stems may be a foot or more taller than the grass blades, creating a stunning, dual-tone look. At the end of the growing season, the cut stalks can be used in the home as a decorative element. Pampas Grass Plugs Soft Blooms Despite the grand height and dense, bushy base of the plant, it has a soft look thanks to its mesmerizing flowers. The flower stalks vary between shades of white, silver, and yellow. From afar, they have an almost fluffy look that will add a special visual element to your space. These flowers may conceal a fenced perimeter for a more natural look in your yard, or they may create a natural barrier around the perimeter of a property. Pampas Grass Plugs Protective Qualities While many people plant it for their beauty, the grass has practical benefits as well. In some areas, the grass has been used to minimize erosion. Because of this, it may be especially functional in yards with a steep grade or that are prone to the damaging effects of erosion. Pampas Grass Plugs Superior Ground Cover They are easy to grow, and they spread rapidly compared to some other types of grass. In areas that are relatively bare in a yard or that lack a distinguishing feature as a point of interest, these grass plugs deserve serious consideration. They can cover horizontal space and fill out for an established look quickly.

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