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Planting By Moon Phases

Did your grandfather plant by the moon? Or maybe his grandfather?

Many people view it as a superstition, while others hold to the old-fashioned ways thinking if it's good enough for the Farmer's Almanac, it's good enough for me.

During the first two phases, the moon becomes brighter each night. People who hold by moon gardening use this time to plant seeds and graft fruit trees.

Pruning and Weeding

During the third phase, when the moon begins going from light to dark, some people prune as there is supposed to be less sap. The fourth phase, considered a dormant time, is best for weeding. Whether you believe in moon gardening or not, it certainly can't hurt, and it may even help. Learning a bit more about it can be an enjoyable nostalgic pastime. Nectarine and Peach trees are the fruit trees available in our tree nursery.

Source of Information on Moon Planting