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You guys rock! My Indian pink plants are unreal beautiful this year. Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service and excellent quality plants. I am well pleased.

Shaila Dawson

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews: The Indian pink plant is a popular plant with several uses.

The Indian pink plant is a flowering plant uncommon in the southern part of the United States. It is also known as just pinkroot or woodland pinkroot. The plant is well-loved for the red flowers that have yellow insides. The plant grows in clumps and has prospered more by being cultivated for commercial purposes than expected growth in the wild. The plant itself has a few uses that people can use when deciding to plant it in their garden.

Medicinal Uses Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Review

Many people want more natural medications and can do this with an Indian pink plant. The main problem with using it is that the plant is poisonous in too large of doses. One use of the plant is that it is deadly to parasitic worms such as tapeworms and roundworms. The side effects can be mitigated using a saline purgative to remove it simultaneously, and the worms leave. The plant is also a narcotic, but this requires medical advice before use.

European Popularity

The plant has become a popular one with commercial greenhouses. One American company sold some plants to a British one. The British company grew the plants and has since sold millions all over Europe. That is one way the plant has gone from being an uncommon wildflower to one of the more popular and common garden flowers attracting bees and butterflies. It is also popular with gardeners because it causes deer and rabbits to leave the rest of the gardens alone when used correctly.

Indian pink plant has been found to have a plethora of uses outside of the beauty of the flower. People living close to wooded areas can use it to protect their gardens and attract needed bees. That will also help bring in butterflies that people love seeing. The medicinal uses may be a little obscure, but adequately trained herbalists can use them. That is a plant people will love seeing in their garden that will flourish with proper care.

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