Autumn Lawn Maintenance Care | Information

Autumn is when you need to take care of the lawn and prepare it for the coming season.

It is crucial to plan and prepare your lawn for the winter season. If you take the necessary steps during this time of the year, then you can expect a healthy and thriving lawn during the spring season.

Cleaning the lawn surface in autumn is crucial for maintaining healthy growing conditions for the grass. All dried leaves that fall on the ground during autumn should be raked, and the debris should be removed. If you let the debris of dried and diseased leaves remain on the lawn, the disease can spread to the lawn grass. After mowing, you should collect the grass cuttings as well from the ground; otherwise, they tend to dry and form thatch on the surface of the lawn.

Aerate the soil in several places by poking a fork or similar instrument for proper air circulation. This practice will also help rainwater to reach the roots of the grass readily. Spiking during this season helps in relieving stress due to compact cover and improves drainage.

Feeding the soil is another important aspect of lawn maintenance during the autumn season. It is essential to feed the lawn with nutrients so that the growth requirements are met. Lawn feed will help strengthen the grass, making it less prone to diseases and infections. Wide varieties of lawn feeds are available in the market, and you can purchase them to make your lawn stronger and greener. The lawn feed can be applied through a wheeled spreader if you have a large lawn. It can help you to accomplish the task effectively.

Autumn is the right time to redo bare patches. The wear and tear the lawn goes through throughout the year can result in bare patches that look very unappealing. They can ruin the entire look of your beautiful lawn. Once you have identified the patches that need to be repaired, just get to work by preparing the soil and removing weeds. The prepared area can be redone by sowing grass seeds and covering them with compost. Water the reseeded area frequently so that the germination of seeds occurs rapidly.

The care and maintenance of lawn grass can be tricky, but if done appropriately, it can ensure that you have a green and healthy garden all year round.

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