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Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 13 , 2013

Fall and Winter Blooming Wildflowers


There are many domesticated flowers that homeowners plant each fall and winter but rarely are wildflowers considered and that is unfortunate because most gardening plants that are exotic are wildflowers like trilliums, jack in the pulpit and mayapple plants. 

Native flowers can add color and beauty to a landscape. You can frame your home or garden with distinctive flowers that will attract birds and butterflies. Gardening with native plants and wildflowers helps the environment in which you live. That is because native plants are disease resistant and are better able to withstand an insect attack. Wildflowers native to the different regions can look drastically different with a lot of color variations in the fall and winter months. You can find wildflower options on online nursery sites that sell to your region. Fall and winter wildflowers are naturally found in pastures, forests, by creeks and ponds, at lakes and rivers alongside the beds, and along jagged edges of an ocean or another body of water.

In the United States, native wildflowers are often characterized as weeds and are not grown for esthetics. When wildflowers are found in the garden, they are usually pulled out and discarded, leaving the surrounding plants vulnerable to insect infestation. Homeowners typically will purchase flower bulbs from their local greenhouse or grocery store during peak season because they are readily available but wildflowers are not. Although most grocery stores that carry flowers will also carry wildflower seed packets, they are often overlooked for the easy to plant 4-inch potted flower starts, and packaged bulbs or the stores just won't bring them. To find quality flowers, you must look at online nursery options, mail order or localized greenhouses.

Wildflowers create a perfect backdrop for your fall or winter garden. They can also do quite well at getting attention as a sole flower occupant in your garden space when mixed with other native plants.

A great thing about native flowers is that they adapt quite well to any soil mixture and they can survive without water longer than domesticated non-native flowers. Most wildflowers are in fact perennials which means they will come back year after year to bring you a colorful display.

Non-native plants are invasive to the areas they claim; they take valuable space that wildflowers and other native plants need to survive. They require more water, insecticide, and fertilizer to stay healthy. Wildflowers are widely available on online nursery shopping centers, and these stores typically carry heirloom varieties that are extremely hard to find.   

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