We Donate

We donate

  • Opportunity for Website Owners, Bloggers, Universities, Non-Profits, Schools, Garden Clubs, Restoration Projects, Disaster Stricken Areas, and more.


    If You Have A Website or Blog that has anything to do with gardening, landscaping, or home improvement, or if you work for a .gov or .edu Organization 

    We Offer Lots Of Free Plants In Exchange For A Small "Thank You" Banner, which is two seasons per year as long as our small "thank you" banner stays on your website annually. It helps us by building our credibility and branding online, and we guarantee you will receive a large assortment of lovely plants each year in the spring and fall planting season.

    To see if you qualify as one of our banner partners, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] You will need to send us your website URL, and we will see if it's a good match and send you a banner pre-made and ready to use on your website. Once it's on your site, send the URL of the page it's on, and your shipments will start immediately. Please do not do anything until you email us your site to review and see if it's a good fit.

    Here is some feedback from a couple of our satisfied customers to show you we aim to please our banner partners by sending them a ton of quality plants

    Hi Tammy, 

    Holy cow! The most fantastic box full of plants arrived today; thank you so much! I was not expecting so many, but I am looking forward to planting them. I have a perfect shady spot for all the natives and fern collections. I love ferns so much but only have one or two, so I'm excited to have such a fantastic variety.

    I'm looking forward to finding spots to tuck in all the rest as well! Thanks again. It felt like my birthday opening up the package today.

     Herbal Blessings,

    Kristine Brown, RH(AHG)

    herbal roots online


    I am delighted with my shipment from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. My plants arrived quickly, were well packed, and were alive. They are ready to go in the ground and will make beautiful additions to our yard.


    Virginia, That Bald Chick

    Author, Speaker, Ministry Leader, and Life Enthusiast.


    Hi Tammy,

    I just wanted you to know the ferns and perennials I received are up and thriving, even in this heat and summer drought. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is the best place I've found for native plants for restoration projects, and here on our old farm, we have plenty of those.

    Thanks for the excellent service and healthy, robust plants.


    Garden in a Wood



     Hi Tammy,

    We received the shipment yesterday. Such a nice variety of plants. We're excited to plant them and can't wait to see them all in bloom.


    Thank you so much for your help!


    Zenaida Flores

    Research Coordinator

    Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc.


     Get 2 Free Ferns. Please leave us a Google Review Below.


    After you've left your review, email a screenshot of it and your US Mailing address to [email protected]and we will ship your ferns right out.


    We ship over 45,000 orders per season, and we always have a surplus of plants we choose to donate, not throw away or replant in each season. Back in 1938, the founder offered many universities and professionals free plants for research and as supplements in more prime gardening areas. And to this day, our family-owned company still backs the founder's wishes to donate to fit the needs of non-profits, gardening bloggers, and universities for further studies and help our planet stay beautiful. Plants fight pollution, provide fresh air, clean the environment, beautify and protect. And our motto is "Why to throw away what could be someone else's treasure?"

    We have donated to over 400 universities, national site planning, garden blogs, and website owners serious about the environment, planting plants for purification and beautification, increasing cleaner air, and helping the environment.

     Plant & Botany Studies at Rhodes University, See Article


    Organic Agriculture Laboratory Activity Biologists @ Harvard University


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