NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Tn Nursery Reviews For The Week Of April 5th - Keep Them Coming! We love great feedback on Tn Mail Order Nursery.


I love my plants. I would never trade anywhere else. Lucy Green, Philly PA


No one has the quality plants of this nursery. Gary Ledbetter, Memphis Tn


Wow! I got the end-of-the-season package, and I have already made my money back on it and still have tons of plants left, and it's the only day eight at the farmers market. Thank You, Sue Peets, Spokane Washington


Kindly remember me when you have more package deals, will you? Sid Trammell, Corbin. KY


Tn Nursery Reviews are excellent. This year alone, we have shipped over 80,000 orders out, and we want to thank every one of you for making our 2020/2021 a huge success.


Please get more pine trees in! They are out, and I order them every year. I have a forest going on in Long Island. Katherine M.


Tellico Plains loves Tn Nursery. Fido C.


Well, I've scored another big hit with our annual school plant sale. Thanks so much for the beautiful flowering dogwood trees for our spring sale. 

Katie Bates, Indiana


Please send me the new color brochure I heard you'd just have printed. It's fantastic at the good deals in there, my mom said. Cindy F, OK.


Tn Nursery Reviews are excellent; we have less than -1% of negative reviews, thank to America!