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The Benefits of Native Grasses

The Benefits of Native Grasses

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 21 , 2016

The Benefit of Native Grasses

When you head to the store and buy a bag of grass seed, you won’t always know what you’re getting. Kentucky bluegrass is commonly included in these bags, but beautiful bluegrass won’t grow in all climates, and it won’t suit all purposes. Native grasses are fast growing and ideal for erosion control. Mixed in with wildflowers, native grasses are perfect for large fields and other areas.

Grass plants that are native to your area are those varieties that are well adapted to the region. They will grow well in the type of soil local to your area, are resistant to the native insects and can thrive with the weather that you naturally get. Native grasses may cost a little more to purchase in some regions, but they will reward you richly with grass that suits your purposes without requiring extra maintenance.

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Grama Grass

Grass plants like Grama Grass are native to the Great Plains and can survive through long periods of drought. The fine texture makes it an excellent grass for lawns. Mixed with Buffalo grass, it’s an ideal choice for a ground cover. Indian Grass will grow three to five feet tall, and it is an excellent choice for erosion control or in livestock fields.

Whether you want special grass to serve as a border, fill in unused fields or for the lawn in your suburban lot, consider the benefit of grass species that are uniquely suited to your particular climate. Drought resistant and able to withstand the freezing temperatures of winter and the hot days of summer, these grasses will grow without the extra work required of other species. Look for a premier online nursery for best prices.

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