Terrarium Wood XL

Terrarium Wood XL

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Terrarium Wood 16-20" Piece of Terrarium Driftwood

14" Piece of Terrarium Wood is a unique piece of terrarium driftwood that can be used in aquariums also. It never rusts, fade or corrodes, ever! Our driftwood is harvested from rivers and streambanks in middle Tennessee. Locust dominates most of our driftwoods, and we guarantee them to be authentic and a 1 of a kind always.

Terrarium Wood Many Uses In Landscaping, Aquariums and Terrariums
Driftwood is a natural product of nature. Marine debris such as tree branches and logs fall into the sea and are swept up in the currents. They are bleached by the salt water and the sun, and usually the soaked bark falls off, leaving smooth and grayish wood behind. The driftwood is then washed up on shores and beaches. This interesting wood can be used as a design element outside and indoors for a rustic and natural feel.


Line your garden boundaries with driftwood to add a rustic look, and keep your vegetables from spreading out past your rows. Driftwood also looks great as an accent, staged by your garden shed. Because driftwood is light and often comes in artistically twisted branch shapes, try many different positions until it looks just right.


Give your fish a fun element to their home by placing driftwood in an aquarium. Use intricate pieces with large holes for your fish to swim through and hide in. Try placing little blocks around the aquarium to add a fun ambiance. Be sure to use driftwood pieces that have been cleaned and processed for aquarium use, for the safety of your fish.


Your turtles and lizards will love the texture of driftwood as well. Give them some large pieces they can stand on to sun themselves. Prop up driftwood branches along the back and walls of your terrarium so your little critters can explore and climb in their home. Some lizards like to hide, so set up driftwood in a way that makes a little cave for them to snuggle into.

Use driftwood pieces, large and small, in your decor. The wood adds a natural element to your projects and can give your smaller pets things to climb and sit on, or swim through. Take the really large pieces outside and use them in your landscaping and gardening. Driftwood is a very versatile object will give a neat look to any project you use it in.

Terrarium Wood