Summer Landscaping Tips

15th May 2013

     Summer Landscaping Tips

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When you are ready to give your property a lot more visual appeal and you want to do it on a budget, take a moment to think about what you can do to with your landscaping this summer. The summer is a great time to make landscaping choices that will affect your property throughout the year, so consider some of these tips.

No Lawn, No Problem!
Perhaps you live in an area that is affected by drought, or perhaps you are simply bored with the same broad expanse of green grass like everyone else has. More and more people are realizing that they do not need a lawn for their property to look good. Consider putting in terraces or garden plots with paths in between. It is entirely possible to get rid of the entire lawn and replace it with something amazing.

Consider a Water Feature
If you want to upgrade your property and fast, you cannot go wrong with a water feature. A water feature might be something as simple as a large bird bath or it might be as complex as a small koi pond. Water reflects light and adds movement to your property, and it is a good thing that you can do to focus the theme of your garden.

Consider Planting Natives
If you are taking your garden along an ecologically responsible route, you will discover that you can do a lot by planting native plants. There is a big trend for native plants right now as they encourage the pollinators in your area, and you will also find that they are a great deal hardier and more interesting than some of the more delicate invasive plants that you might find.

Butterflies Everywhere!
If you live in an area with butterflies, why not give them a boost? Butterflies add color, life and variety to your garden, and you'll find that some of the plants that attract them are quite lovely. For example, if you are interested in pulling in butterflies, simply plant some digitalis, some lavender and some beebalm. These plants are fantastic when it comes to pulling in these colorful pollinators.

When you are someone who wants to improve your property value while getting something lovely to look at in the meantime, make sure that you look at your summertime landscape. Summer allows you to make some very dramatic changes to your landscape, so see what you need to do!