River Oats 1-2'

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Latin Name-Chasmanthium Latifiolium Hardy Zone-3-8 Mature Height-2-3ft Width-2-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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River Oats - Chasmanthium latifolium

River Oats is a Type of Grass and is Native to the Southeastern United States and Northeastern South America. It is currently a Threatened Species in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

They are often found growing in the Woods along Streams or Rocky Slopes. This plant is very tolerant of Poorer Dry Soils but does mostly prefer Moist Fertile Soil, River Oats start to Bloom round about August to September time, and its Flowers are very showy. There are many other Species, but they have the same needs, but they are usually grown elsewhere, like the Sea Oat and Wild Oats. The River Oats are easily grown in medium to wet, well-drained soil. They can also grow well in full sun to partial shade. This grass species is named for its oat-like seed heads and its ability to prosper in river and stream banks. This cool season grass grows in clumps, and the seed-heads are in panicles, much like oats. The seed-heads also change color throughout the season, from translucent green to rich brown in the summer and fall. However, if the grass turns yellow, that means that it lacks nutrients.

The River Oats are tolerant of poor soils but would grow better in moist soils. They are easy to maintain, in fact almost maintenance-free, except to keep them under control. Leaving foliage during the winter helps protect the crown from the cold. Once spring comes around, cut back to the ground. They would make a great ornamental plant for your garden. Not only that though, but this plant is also good for erosion control and bank stabilization. When planting this plant, remember that it will reseed, so it is best to place in an appropriate location.

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