River Cane Plant

River Cane Plant

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Latin Name- Arundinaria Gigantea Hardy Planting Zone- 6-10 Mature Height- 8-10 ft Width- 2 cm Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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River Cane Plant - Arundinaria gigantea Size Shipped 1-2 Feet Height

River Cane Plant is a consistently green plant that maintains its color all year round. As the name suggests, it is often found growing natively along riverbanks but has an adaptation to most soils. The River Cane Plant grows in groups of colonies, thickets or vast canebrakes. It is not uncommon to spot a native thicket under trees along a river. The green stems are coarse in feel, hollow inside and round. Its leaves have a maximum length of 11.7 inches and a width of 2cm to 4cm. River Cane’s flowers have panicle and raceme formations and exhibit short spikes. River Cane Plant planted at home will mature well in loamy soil with good drainage, as clay soil is bound to retain excess water that eventually drowns the plant. It is vital for one seeking to replant this native plant to uproot it with its culms, rhizomes, and roots, and still retain a massive chunk of its original soil. Most importantly, uprooting is best done during early spring and winter.


River Cane flourishes in moving water.

Despite its ability to withstand periods of dryness, it is crucial that they maintain wet soil around the roots, especially during hot summers to ensure its continued vitality. After maturation and harvesting of River Cane, it picks up a walnut color. It is highly suitable for an interior decorative due to its natural appeal and warm color. Anyone looking to liven up a corner of a room or a table set will have satisfactory results by just placing River Cane stems in a vase. In the Cherokee culture, River Cane is used to weave baskets, craft blowguns, make furniture, fishing poles, mats, and roofs. It also gives shining clay pots a beautiful customized finish.


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River Cane Plant 

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