Rice Cut Grass

Rice Cut Grass

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Latin Name-Leersia Oryzoides Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 3-5ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Rice Cut Grass- Leersia oryzoides

Rice Cut Grass - Leersia Oryzoides

Rice Cut Grass is found in New England's wetlands, swamps, ponds, on shoreline and beaches. The primary uses for this grass are erosion control as well as bringing back and restoring wetlands. This grass grows around three to four feet tall with leaves that are about a foot long. The leaves have a slightly jagged edge with tiny hairs, and the flowers are found on the branches. This perennial grass is also common in Asia as well as Europe and introduced to Australia. It is a hardy grass that can grow in full to partial sunlight and will spread quickly. Rice Cut Grass is a type of grass found across the world, primarily in places like Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. It takes its name from the green leaves across each blade whose toothed edges somewhat resemble rice as it grows. Given their ubiquity in numerous areas of the world, cutgrass can grow in virtually any kind of soil conditions and thrives in direct sunlight. Growing reasonably quickly, these grasses can grow to be up to five feet in height when fully matured.
Rice Cut Grass is most often used in preventing erosion due to its adaptability and heartiness, especially for wetland restoration projects. Leersia oryzoides also is a species of grass that is commonly known as rice cutgrass. This plant has many attributes which make it unique. For example, these plants have something called an inflorescence which is an open, loose array of twisted branches. These branches contain fruits called spikelet’s which include a rough to the touch lemma with no awe or glumes. This particular grass can sometimes be used for restoring wetlands and control of erosion. The blooming period for this type of grass occurs anytime from the end of the summer to the start of fall. For a colony of this grass, it lasts from 1-2 weeks. The grass multiplies by vegetation by stolon’s and rhizomes as well. It also can reproduce from seeds. This plant has a great look in an area which is natural. It can brighten up any lawn. This plant grows very easily. They can also become quickly when floods take place. It is also important to add that this place can regenerate, or come back to life. For this to happen, the rice cut grass needs an open vegetative structure and bare mud as well with natural disturbance.





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Rice Cut Grass