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6 Pack - Big Bluestem Grass

6 Pack - Big Bluestem Grass

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Big Bluestem Grass Is Exotic and Ornamental

Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii), also known as turkeyfoot, is a tall native grass that holds numerous benefits in landscaping. This versatile and attractive plant is a key component of prairie ecosystems and is now gaining popularity in residential and commercial landscapes. Here are some of the notable benefits of using Big Bluestem in landscaping:

The foliage displays a rich blue-green hue in spring and summer, creating a relaxed and calming effect

    1. Drought Tolerance: One of the most significant advantages of this grass is its exceptional drought tolerance. Once established, this hardy grass can withstand periods of low water availability, making it an ideal choice for landscapes in arid regions or areas with water restrictions.
    2. Low Maintenance: It is relatively low-maintenance compared to traditional turf grasses. Once established, it requires little to no irrigation, reducing water consumption and associated costs. It is also less susceptible to pests and diseases, minimizing the need for chemical treatments.
    3. Erosion Control With its deep and extensive root system, It effectively stabilizes soil, preventing erosion on slopes and embankments. This makes it an excellent choice for erosion-prone areas and helps protect nearby water bodies from sediment runoff.
    4. Wildlife Habitat: This provides essential habitat for various wildlife species. The dense stands of grass offer cover and nesting sites for birds, small mammals, and insects. Additionally, the seeds and foliage serve as food sources for birds and other wildlife, contributing to biodiversity in the landscape.
    5. Carbon Sequestration: Native grasses like this is known to also remove powerful sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. By incorporating these grasses into landscapes, we can contribute to carbon mitigation efforts and reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment.
    6. Visual Appeal:The tall and graceful foliage of this type of grass adds visual interest to landscapes throughout the year. In summer, the foliage exhibits a blue-green hue, which changes to copper and red tones in the fall, creating a stunning display of colors.
    7. exture and Movement:The fine texture of Big Bluestem complements other landscape elements such as flowers and shrubs, adding depth and contrast to the overall design. The grass also sways gracefully in the breeze, creating a dynamic and animated landscape.
  • Soil Improvement: As a native grass, Big Bluestem is well-adapted to the local soil conditions. Its deep root system improves soil structure and enhances nutrient cycling, promoting overall soil health.
  • Reduced Invasive Species:By incorporating native grasses like Big Bluestem in landscapes, we can help suppress the growth of invasive plant species. The dense growth of native grasses outcompetes and prevents the establishment of invasive plants, contributing to ecosystem balance.
  • Sustainable Landscaping:Incorporating Big Bluestem and other native plants into landscaping designs promotes sustainability and ecological balance. These plants have evolved to thrive in their local environments and require fewer resources to maintain, making them an eco-friendly choice for landscaping projects.
  • In conclusion, Big Bluestem offers a wide range of benefits in landscaping, including drought tolerance, low maintenance, erosion control, wildlife habitat support, carbon sequestration, visual appeal, texture, soil improvement, and sustainability. By incorporating this native grass into landscapes, homeowners and landscape professionals can create beautiful, ecologically responsible, and resilient outdoor spaces.


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    Jolie Davies

    I so love birds around in this area of my farm house. Love it so dearly when it gathers. Thank you TN nursery . A very reliable shop


    These variety are of interest to me especially in my wide farmtown. I so love hearing birds and insects gather around. Am so grateful with TN nursery providing a wide selection of plants that would enhance the ecosystem. Big thanks