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Looking for the best deals on a range of plants that will complement each other and perfectly suit your zone? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got an incredible selection of plant packages that will save you money on our most popular plant combinations.

Plant collections compiled mainly for your zone
One of the most popular aspects of our plant collections is that we carefully select each plant to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your USDA hardiness zone. While other nurseries pick a variety that’s rated to a particular area, we choose an individual plant that’s acclimatized to your garden’s zone.

Plant Packages can be matched to your zone 

You see, we source our propagation stock from zones across the country. That way, we can be sure we grow plants that are adapted to each zone even though our nursery is located in Tennessee. When we hand-pick the plants for your order, we’ll check which area you’re based in and then choose plants grown from propagation stock that came from your zone.

This is why the information on our grab bag collections doesn’t include a list of species or varieties. Other wholesale nurseries cobble together a few species that will grow well in a variety of zones and then ship those same plant combinations regardless of where you’re based. Here at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, every plant collection we send out includes only individual plants that we have hand-selected because of how well they’re adapted to your garden zone.

Plant Grab Bags will be discounted if bought in bulk

Discounts on our low grower prices
We know the value of a beautiful garden and believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow the garden of their dreams. So we work hard to bring you affordable prices every day of the year. We grow most of our plants on our 3500+ acres of prime, nursery, growing land which means when you buy from us, you’re cutting out the middle man and buying directly from the grower. This enables us to pass on low grower prices so you can buy more plants with your hard-earned funds.

When you buy one of our plant collections though, that’s when the magic happens. Even though we offer low prices on all our plants, we provide significant discounts for even lower prices on our plant collections. So what are you waiting for? Buy an excellent and affordable grab bag of plants now while stocks last.

Mature plants to fill your landscape with greenery, color, and fruit
Some gardeners worry that our low prices mean our plants aren’t good quality. We’re pleased to assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Except for our tree seedlings and live stakes, all the plants we sell are mature specimens. If they’re flowering plants, they’re ‘blooming-age’ specimens, which means they should flower the year you plant them. If they’re productive varieties, they’re ready to produce a crop of your favorite food. And regardless of what type of plant you choose, every plant we sell has been lovingly cared for so it will grow strong and healthy. We don’t sell spindly, water-starved, disease-riddled or weak plants here!

Pro tip:
Healthy, attractive gardens need plants of all different sizes. So, why not buy a plant collection that’s filled with plants of various sizes. Every garden should have ground covers, so a ground cover grab bag is a must. If you’ve got anything but a tiny garden, you should be able to fit in a few trees so you could grab a great deal with one of our tree package deals. And then you can choose one or more collections of mid-sized plants. We’ve got perennials, ferns, shrubs and edibles to choose from.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on a collection of complementary plant species, all our plant collections are packed with varieties that will perfectly suit your zone.

Berry Plants (Grab Bag)
Some of the most common forms of berries that most of us are aware of include raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Apart from these, there are other varieties like huckleberries and mulberries that are not very common and could only be found in the wild areas. But if there is one plant that serves as a means of food around the nation as well as which is known for its bright foliage, it is the Berry plant. If you are looking for something that could provide you with some relishing fruits to make into pies or jams or something that could add more beauty to your landscape, then berry plants grab bag is the real deal.

Even if you are new into the gardening space, these plants are a perfect choice where you could try out different varieties. The berry is considered to be a fleshy fruit where none of the flowers produces any stones. And these berry plants are getting increasingly popular for being a top choice for a good form of landscaping. They can grow more than 13 feet, and there are a lot of people who are considering these plants as a replacement for traditional fences. It makes total sense as it not only beautifies your backyard but also gives you that extra level of privacy.

It is no surprise that you are sure to get a refreshing feeling whenever you see the branches shifting towards brighter colors. And if you are strategic about how you place the berry plants around your property, then it is likely to get more attractive than before. The best part is the ease with which you could maintain these beautiful plants, which also offer many advantages in terms of providing essential nutrients that are required to maintain good health. You could easily find butterflies and birds hovering around these plants in almost all the seasons. Also, the need for water is quite less for these plants.

Fern Plants Grab Bag
Boston Fern--Nephrolepsis exaltata.

Ferns are non-flowering plants that offer fantastic texture and versatility with their beautiful arching green fronds. Because of this, ferns command attention when they are planted alone, but they also add a stunning backdrop for the shade garden, making them excellent companions for flowering plants. Useful in mass plantings, ferns also add drama when used in borders or as accent plants. Individual fronds make beautiful additions to arrangements of cut flowers and bouquets.

There are more than 380 varieties of ferns in North America, in varying shades of green, providing a variety of exciting and ornamental patterns. Although they are similar to flowering plants, with roots, stems, and leaves, ferns reproduce differently by spreading tiny spores or by the growth of bulblets. A bulblet is a little vegetative bud that develops on the fronds of some ferns. When the bulblet comes in contact with the ground, it can take root.

Ferns average one to three feet in height, as well as diameter, and are slow growers. Most require evenly moist, well-draining, humus-rich soil and regular watering. The ground should not be allowed to dry out between watering times. Different varieties need varying amounts of shade. They have few pest problems.

Perennials that continue to grow for years, ferns may be propagated through division, preferably in spring. The fern should be watered first, then gently dug up and divided into two or three clumps which can then be replanted. Fiddleheads are the rolled-up fronds seen when a fern experiences growth.

One of the most popular ferns is the Boston fern, loved for its showy fronds which can reach up to five feet in length. Though often displayed in hanging baskets, it is also a great addition to the garden. It thrives in high humidity and temperatures in the 60's and 70's.

Live Moss -Vivamus racomitrium moss
Green luscious live moss can create a natural look for any garden. This vibrant plant contains soft, hair-like threads combined in a clump. The moss uses these threads for gluing itself to its surroundings. It can go from a lime green color to a darker forest green color. They are relatively short, usually 0.2-10 cm tall. This plant has no flowers, leaves, or stems. It is considered a non-vascular plant. Live Moss Grab Bag comes in a bag mixed with the best moss plants. They typically grow best in cold, dark, moist areas. Although they need lots of shade, live moss can survive several months of dry weather. Several homeowners who don't have a lot of time and attention for grass chose live moss instead. You won't need to fertilize or water it as much, or worry about weeding! Live moss can also help the plants around your garden, as they can grab moisture. These sponges will soak up the rainfall and will share it with your landscape. Live Moss also helps break down rocks and soil. Many older women use moss as a sense of calmness in their garden. Landscape workers will also use Live Moss to help restore landscapes. You can use Live Moss Grab bag for a landscape project as well. You can use Live Moss for both indoors, our outdoors. The seed is relatively easy to plant. Add soil to it, in addition to water. Leaving it in sunlight will make it grow. Many people grow Live Moss both indoors and outdoors, inside pots or on the floor. Live Moss will give your landscape a luscious green look. The vibrant green fuzz will create a natural look, similar to a forest look.
The Live Moss Grab Bag will be shipped to the consumer in a bare root plant.


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