NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Now you have that flower garden planted or that water garden finished, and you step back and notice that they need something extra.

There are still a couple of tiny spots that need something. You can take care of those areas with wonderfully personalized garden stones. You can get these with your family's names on them, your pet's names, or there may be something special you would like on one.

You can order these online and get whatever you would like on them. You can also purchase these at your local garden centers. The prices usually run around $25.00 for a large one. You can get them cheaper for smaller versions. You may also want to add a personalized flag to those gardens. You can also use stones and flags at the end of that long sidewalk. You can get the flags with your initial on them, and you can also order these with your pet's picture on them. You can also get these with your personalized picture, like your children or grandchildren on them if you would like. They also sell kits to create your garden stones. They sell these at your local craft stores or online. The price may run around $16.00 for a kit. The personalized garden stones and personalized garden flags will add that special touch and make it personal. These will be beautiful and will also make great conversation pieces. You can also get the garden stones with special touches added to them, like jewels or colored stones for color.

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