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Live Moss

Live Moss adds a lush, vibrant green carpet-like appearance to your garden, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Moss is a bio-indicator and works as an air purifier. It also works well in shaded areas in lawns where grass will not grow.

Moss Is Low Maintenance

Moss requires minimal care compared to many other garden plants, saving you time and effort.

Live moss growing on a tree trunk.
Moss growing on a garden rock.

Moss Is Eco-Friendly

Moss is an environmentally friendly ground cover that doesn't require chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Live moss can help prevent soil erosion by stabilizing the soil with its shallow root system. Moss is by far the easiest type of plant to grow in shaded areas.

Live moss retains moisture in the soil, creating a more favorable environment for other plants. It holds water and is super low maintenance.

Live moss can act as a natural weed suppressor, reducing the need for weeding. It also reduces not only weeds but also cold weather damage to plants.

Live Moss

Live Moss Helps Temperature Regulation

Live moss can help moderate soil temperatures, protecting plant roots from extreme heat or cold. It is a hardy, low maintenance species and it can be planted by simply scratching the surface of the soil and laying out the pads. They will attach a strong sturdy root system to the soil within 3-4 weeks.

Easy to Grow Live Moss


Live moss from TN Nursery growing on rocks.

Live Moss Covered Rocks

There's something about adding moss to your landscaping design that feels magical. It creates a sense of life where it may be lacking, creates a feeling of flourishing, and adds welcome detail. There are at least two ways to get moss into your garden scene. One is to get the conditions right so that it develops naturally. The other is to add it intentionally using natural moss-covered rocks... read more

Landscaping With Live Moss

In landscaping, moss has a particular look that any other type of plant can't match. It's a soft, velvety look many people love using in their landscaping. Not only does it have a clean look, but it has a subtle, clean scent of nature. However, it also has many other benefits for landscaping and the environment... read more

Live moss growing on rocks and trees.
Live moss growing on a rock.

Environmental Benefits of Live Moss

This small and unassuming plant has remarkable natural filtration properties, making it an excellent solution for cleaning wetland areas and purifying air and water. Wetlands play a critical role in our ecosystem, providing habitats for wildlife and filtering water. Human activities like land development and pollution often threaten these fragile ecosystems... read more