Ornamental Grass


Ornamental Grasses are excellent for a Native Type Low Maintenance Beauty.

 Ornamental Grass is the perfect way to add height, color, and texture to any landscape. Some gardeners consider it a "completer piece" for any garden.


Like all plants we carry at TN Nursery, most of our ornamental grass products are native species to North America. The few plants we carry that are not natives are well-adapted and hardy enough to thrive in our typical conditions.


To choose the best ornamental Grass for your application, select one that performs well in your local USDA growing region. If you do not remember your zone, it's okay. Our shopping site has cutting-edge technology that geolocates your position and displays the best plants for your area.


The Benefits of Planting Ornamental Grass


If ornamental grass interests you, here are some excellent reasons to take the next step and add it to your shopping cart:


  • ● Drought tolerance: Many of our products are native species, which means less water consumption and more tolerance to drought.
  • ● Various applications: Ornamental Grass is lovely planted in a formal or cottage garden, in containers, or in a natural area. You'll also find some for the shade, sun, wet soil, or arid. The possibilities are practically endless.
  • ● Low maintenance: Unlike lawn grasses which require weekly cutting, the whole point of this tall decorative plant is to show off!
  • ● Improve your soil: Ornamental Grass can improve your soil in two ways. First, it covers bare areas of the earth to help protect it against wind or water erosion. Second, the roots extend relatively deep, helping to break up soil compaction from underneath the top layers of soil.
  • ● Add visual interest to a winter landscape: Don't cut it back when the plant enters a dormant state for the winter months. Let it stay as is, and enjoy the tan colors. You'll also get to watch any birds that overwinter in your area visit to peck at the seeds.
  • ● Easy to divide: Once you establish a healthy clump of ornamental Grass, you will not need to purchase it again. It's easy to divide and plant it in additional areas, and the plant will bounce back from this treatment relatively quickly.


TN Nursery Is a Trustworthy Supplier of Ornamental Grass


TN Nursery uses responsible and sustainable practices to ensure that we deliver our customers the best ornamental Grass (and all other products). Connect with us online if you have questions as you browse our website--we are ready to help.

Ornamental Grasses are an excellent way to fill out and beautify your landscape or use restoration plantings to restore an eroded habitat to its natural state. They're easy to maintain, provide rainfall-runoff protection, and become a natural habitat for local wildlife. 

1. Wild Rye Grass

2. Carex Pennsylvania

3. Switch Grass

4. Smooth Cord Grass

5. Indian Grass



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