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Natural Gardening

Natural Gardening

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 13 , 2013

Ecological Gardening - The Best way to Unlock the Benefits of Nature


Gardening naturally without using any fertilizers or pesticides can be both a learning and a highly rewarding experience for a home gardener. 

Incorporating different types of native plants in your plant nursery and yard landscape can provide you with several benefits that are only nature can provide. Natural landscaping is not only cost-effective but also brings the beauty of nature to your plant nursery and garden. It’s possible not just in the rural areas, but even in urban and suburban areas. A Tree Nursery sometime has affordable plants they are closing out too if you need plants accessible.

The use of various native plants such as native grasses and wildflowers like the Blood Root, also help in improving the natural environment by creating a perfect natural habitat for the insects and wildlife to call home. 

This also helps in effective pest control in your garden without using any harmful chemicals.

Ecological gardening is not just about the plant life, as soil also plays a crucial role in it. A soil that has whole organic structure is a home to complex nutrients and community of life that will work for you and keep plants and living organism, such as earthworms in your plant nursery thriving. It’s important to have a solid organic soil management in place as it will greatly benefit the plants that one is growing.

There are hundreds of nutrients present in the soil, and the best thing about them is that they are natural. However, they are locked up in the soil in such a way that plant life cannot benefit from them in any way. Therefore, it’s crucial that you incorporate organic soil management plan into your garden practices and landscape as it will significantly benefit your crops by helping the nature to create a perfect environment for natural biology in your garden soil to covert and retain all the nutrients for the plants, so that they can use them when they need them.

Use of synthetic fertilizers is harmful to the plant and animal life as they leach away with time and continue to pollute the environment. On the other hand, organic methods nurture the natural life in the soil, and they all help in improving the soil structure and produce various nutrients naturally, and retain and release them when plants need them.

Composting your kitchen, organic garden, and yard waste can provide you sufficient organic matter required for fueling a complex community of life that thrives naturally in landscape soil and an organic garden. Therefore, it’s important to feed your garden soil and not the plants. Allow nature to do its work and produce vital nutrients that are required by the plant life to thrive naturally.

With some planning, you can easily create a natural landscape in your backyard that is safe for you, your family, pets and even your environment. Work with nature and not against it, as it can be an advantageous experience for you.

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