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Best Sellers- Mosses

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Our most popular and best-selling live moss

No matter where you live or the style of garden you’re creating, we’ve got a moss that will suit your needs. On this page, you’ll find our best-selling mosses. When you buy these most popular varieties, you can be sure you’re getting the trendiest mosses.

Mosses with different textures

One of the great things about moss is that the many varieties come in differing tastes. There are smooth mosses like our carpet moss, and then there are mosses that make new mounded patterns like our cushion moss. We even have a more open, airy moss called ‘polytrichium moss.’ Just imagine what kinds of landscapes you’ll be able to design with these differing textures.

Mosses for sun or shade

Many people think of the moss as being something that only grows in moist, shady spots. But the truth is, many mosses grow well in shade or full sun. Within our selection of best-selling plants, you’ll find the most popular shade-loving moss and moss for full sun conditions so you can plant moss anywhere in your landscape.

Best-selling mosses for every zone
Regardless of whether you live in region three or 11, if you want to grow moss in your garden, we have at least a handful of best-selling moss species that will thrive in your garden zone. We stock several mosses that grow well in most or all of those zones. There aren’t that many plants that are that reliable.

Pro tip:
Because mosses don’t obtain water through their roots (they absorb it through their leaves), you can plant them as densely as you like near other plants without having to worry about them competing for resources.

So if you want to grab a genuinely great deal on trendy mosses, our most popular and best-selling mosses look beautiful, feel beautiful and have a fair price. Buy yours today from just $4.99.