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Live Stakes

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Buying Live Stakes from TN Nursery is an easy and hardy way to plant trees

When it comes to planting on and stabilizing slopes, it’s hard to beat live stakes. And with prices as low as $1.49 each, live stakes are a cheap option too. No matter where your landscaping project is, we’ve got live stakes to suit your zone so buy your first 100 now.

Live Stakes are cheaper and more simple to grow

Live stakes are relatively straight sections of branch or stem taken from hardy and fast-growing trees. They’re used to cheaply propagate trees and are usually planted on slopes where it’s difficult to transplant potted tree seedlings. Their purpose is to stabilize the slope and reduce or prevent erosion. As such, they’re commonly used in habitat restoration projects.

Unlike brush material, live stakes do not have any branches, stems, twigs or leaves attached to them. They will, however, have a few growing buds from which stems will sprout once the live stakes have started growing.

Live Stakes will produce hardy trees

Propagating trees from live stakes is a lot like propagating any plant from a cutting. The main difference is that instead of planting a cutting in a pot, live stakes are planted directly in their final growing position.

If you’re planting into moist, soft soil, you can push live stakes directly into the soil. If you’re planting into hard soil, you’ll need to plant them into ‘pre-drilled’ pilot holes. In both cases, live stakes should be planted so at least half their length is buried in the soil. And the soil should remain moist during the growing season.

Live stakes should be planted when the tree species is dormant. This is usually between November and February. The earlier lives stakes are planted within this timeframe the better.

Once planted, the live stakes will form roots and then produce new stems and leaves just like a cutting would.

So if you want to grab an awesome deal on live stakes for your landscaping project, we have live stakes that are adapted to each USDA hardiness zone at prices that are hard to beat.

Live Stakes are For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping