Carex Lacustris- Lake Bank Sedge

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Carex Lacustris - Lake Bank Sedge - For Sale Affordable Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Carex Lacustris- Lake Bank Sedge is one of the largest of the sedges (Carex spp.). The height ranges from 2 ½ feet and 4 feet tall. The stem, or culm, of the plant, is a medium shade of green, pale in color, and has a triangular shape that supports multiple leaves. The dark green leaves can be up to 3 feet in length, often exceeding the length of the culm. The shorter leaves have an upright habit while longer blades present an arched form. The leaves have a deep V in the center and a bend at the margin, creating a flattened M-shape.

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Carex Lacustris- Lake Bank Sedge spikelets are cylindrical and approximately 2 inches long. On average, there are 2-4 female spikelets and 2-5 male spikelets per culm. Each spikelet is densely packed flower cluster. After the late spring to early summer blooming period, the brown florets cross-pollinate by the wind. Once fertilized, the florets fall from the spikelet and are dispersed to new locations through the water.
It is native to southern Canada and northern United States, USDA Hardiness Zones 5-7. The habitats include marshes, bogs, or shallow depressions in floodplains with highly saturated soil, borders of ponds and small lakes with a few inches of water, and even in shallow water up to 12 inches. Carex Lacustris prefers full sun and wet soil conditions. This adaptable plant also tolerates seasonal flooding. The prime soil conditions contain mud or silt. The Lake Sedge spreads via rhizomes or waterborne seed dispersal. A culm that does not receive enough sun may not produce fertile spikelets.

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Lake Bank Sedge 

The Carex locusts sedge, more commonly named the Lake Bank Sedge, is a perennial sedge plant native to the wetlands of the United States. This sedge plant classified in the Paludosae group of the Carex genus. The Lake Bank Sedge tends to grow in large, high-volume colonies along the shores of lakes, ponds, and high-moisture wooded areas. This sedge plant thrives in a wide range of conditions and grows efficiently in direct sunlight and partial shade. Being commonly found on the banks of rivers, lakes as well as marsh banks, the Lake Bank Sedge prefers wet soil. 


 The pistils of the Lake Bank Sedge resemble an egg in appearance and have a deep purple color surrounding a midrib of dark green complexion. This sedge's fruiting bodies come into full maturity throughout the warmer months of the year, with the fruiting season starting in the later Spring and typically lasting until August. Leaves of the Lake Bank Sedge range between dark green and a bluish-green mixture in color and leaves grow up to 8 inches wide at a maximum spread. These leaves do not contain any fur, and they feature semi-serrated edges. Sheaths of the stem feature a distinctive U shape geometry.

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