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The Many Positives To Owning American Beech Trees At Home

The Many Positives To Owning American Beech Trees At Home

Posted by Tammy Sons on Apr 04 , 2018

The many attributes of American Beech Trees

The American Beech trees are large, distinct, graceful forest trees. They are deciduous trees that give lots of shade. They have low growing branches that fill with beautiful shiny green leaves. These branches droop as the tree grows. The trees develop a beautiful crown that gives ample shade for your lawn. They mature to about 50-70 feet and have a spread of about 40 feet. The tree needs sunlight but can tolerate shade and grow oval. The American Beech tree has a smooth bark which it retains as it grows. The bark is usually a silver-grayish color. In less sun the tree has a long massive trunk growth pattern while in a sunnier area the tree grows more horizontal branches and larger crown but has a shorter trunk. 

Establish boundaries lines

Great for establishing boundary lines with fewer trees. The American Beech can tolerate a range of temperatures and seasons. Very little to no maintenance needed. Great for curbside space. The leaves are green and simple with pointed teeth like edges. In the fall the leaves turn a stunning yellow-orange. The beech tree flowers usually occur in April or May. The flowers give rise to solid brown beech nuts every two to three years, and these are edible by playful squirrels, deer, raccoons, and birds. Great for preserving wildlife in the area. They are usually found in the eastern US region zones 3-9 and have medium growth rate. The American Beech tree needs moist, acidic soil which is well drained and not packed or solid. Best on the lawn with big open spaces to fill. These trees can be used for framing of the house, creating privacy or dividing landscape. The tree compensates for slow growth by staying younger longer for generations to come.

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