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Strawberries Are Delicious, Decadent, And Tasty Treat

Strawberries Are Delicious, Decadent, And Tasty Treat

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

One of the greatest challenges of the home gardener is selecting just the right plant for the right area.

This challenge can be compounded when the space to plant is limited, or a plant that is both eye-pleasing and functional is desired. 

One of the plants that fill the bill when low growing, vibrant, greenery and functionality are the optimum traits for a plant to be placed in a specific area of the garden is the humble strawberry.

The strawberry plant has been treasured for centuries for its succulent summertime fruit, and nearly everyone is familiar with the sight and scent of strawberries in the food store, but very few people realize that the plant which bears this fruit is also unique in appearance and is easy to cultivate.

The strawberry plant reproduces not only by the seeds which are found in the fruit but also by runners that trail along the ground from the parent plant. The low growing, deep green leaves are rounded with serrated edges, and the plant produces delicate white blooms before fruiting. The strawberry prefers fertile, well-drained soil and partial to full sunlight, but the real key to healthy strawberry plants is to keep them well watered in the heat of the summer to prevent wilting. Once the plant's fruit there are very few plants that can match the strawberry for being eye-pleasing, as the deep red fruit makes quite a beautiful show against the green of the foliage.

Source of Information on the Strawberry Plant